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Obama Girl disses the iPhone – Is the iPhone becoming the new symbol for wussiness?

Flavor of last month The Obama Girl has released a new video in which she, Leah, and Mims (man do I feel out of it) dis the iPhone.

The new video, for their song “I Like a Boy“, centers around the girls’ love of a man in uniform. In the video, when approached poolside by 3 “yuppie” boys, the bikini clad girls sing (and I use the term loosely):

“He whipped out his iPhone and started to play,
I told him I don’t really get down that way,
I need a man defending the USA,
Land of the free and the home of the brave”.

Now, we here at Macenstein support the troops as much as anyone, but has the iPhone really become a symbol of wussiness? Sure, the line outside the Apple Store June 29th did not exactly look like a Rambo convention, but in general, does being into technology and having $600 make you any less of a man?

Maybe I’m being sentimental, but I like my stereotypical yuppies to be holding tennis rackets and have sweaters tied around their shoulders. So let’s stop the “wussifying” of the world’s most important communication device before it gets out of hand. I don’t care how many sit-ups the Obama Girl has apparently done, it doesn’t give her the right to knock the iPhone.

[UPDATE]: In a strange twist, according to CNN, you can apparently buy this iPhone-bashing video from Apple itself via iTunes (although we cannot yet find a link). The proceeds will go towards helping US veterans via the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Association.

8 Responses to “Obama Girl disses the iPhone – Is the iPhone becoming the new symbol for wussiness?”
  1. VeeDub says:

    This song is HORRIBLE!!!!!! The singing is atrocious. Sounds like they are just cashing in on whats current… making their music career short lived. I most not be cool if I have an iPhone and I am probably not a troop supporter? What are they trying to say?

  2. Rowlings says:

    I dissagree, VeeDub.

    This song is timeless, and will live on for many generations to come. Beautiful arrangements and haunting lyrics combining to bring us a true contender to our national anthem thrown.

    Watch out, Francis Scott Key!

  3. wrex says:

    Just another skanky whore cheerleading for a bunch of murderers.
    And don’t take your iPhone so seriously. It’s just a pile of silicon for spoiled brats.

  4. eyerhyme says:

    TERRIBLE!!! Hey Rowlings… beautiful arrangements and haunting lyrics? I like a boy? Yeah… have you EVER listened to good music? Didn’t think so. This song and video is cheese! Plus come on… the WORLD is TIRED of the US patriotism for a LOSING WAR. How about a video for the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS dead, displaced, and POOR people of Iraq to help them? At 12 BILLION $ a month, you’d think the US would be getting somewhere… oh right… the US is run by a MORON! Wake up America!! Peace is not done with military force and a monkey for a leader. I can’t believe you guys have NOT indited him.

  5. AF2LT says:

    Heh, how funny, I wonder how I would go down, both as being in the military, and having waited in like on the 29th for my iPhone.

  6. Kosmik_is says:

    Like AF2LT, I too am in the military, the Marine Corps at that. So what exactly would they call me as both a devil dog who just returned from Iraq and an Apple iPhone-bearer (I own two actually, one for me and the other for the wifey)? This song’s a bunch of B.S., and I’d have to say if ANYONE called me a wuss based on my phone, (including these admittedly hot chicks) I’d go berserk, and just about slap a bitch.

  7. Steven Haskayne says:

    Well, this song is utterly rubbish, looks like someone tried to come up with a quick attempt at a real song….i mean come on….the video is horrendous, and singing about bloody marine corps guys saving the USA? Please try not to kill any of us brits in Friendly Fire then maybe we can start talking.

    As for the iphone, it has been in the public eye since january, maybe it is becoming outdated, considering there are now phone contracts that you can upgrade your phone every 6 months, and with it having more press coverage than any other phone in history, its only a matter of time before the iphone nano i announced (Macworld January!)

  8. Ustasa says:

    What a load of nationalistic BS, oh wait this is the US so it is patriotic whereas if this “song” were about ANY other country they’d be called nationalists. Love the double-standard!

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