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Tether your iPhone with Tinyproxy

One of the biggest let downs (to us, at least) when the iPhone was announced was the lack of tethering. Almost all mobile phones of note support being able to use the phone as an on-the-go modem for a laptop, and its omission was a big let down.

Well, lucky for us, Kyle over at Dragon Forged has posted some almost-easy-enough-to-follow instructions on how to add that missing functionality to the iPhone using Tinyproxy. Kyle claims that while Tinyproxy has been out for awhile, there has to date been no easy-to-read walk through that mere mortals could follow.

We haven’t tried it ourselves, but reading through the 11-step write up leads us to believe it might actually work, and shouldn’t brick your iPhone too badly. Of course, don’t be expecting blazing speed (this IS Edge, after all), but for bloggers on the go in need of a text editor (or a graphics editor, or really almost anything the iPhone doesn’t have) this may be your best bet.

Thanks Kyle.

4 Responses to “Tether your iPhone with Tinyproxy”
  1. Emmett says:

    So that’s what Tinyproxy is for!

    And as far as EDGE speeds go, it IS blazing fast compared to my actual speeds from over 2 years with Sprint’s Vision on a Treo 650. I’ve been nothing but happy with AT&T. By far the best mobile network for both voice and data I’ve subscribed to. (Verizon was by far the worst coverage — even more dropped calls and low bars than Sprint)

  2. Jordan says:

    It only worked for me once. I did all the steps, and then tried to do it again but it wouldn’t happen. Any hints?

  3. Macnstein says:

    I’ve had the same problem, it loads one page, then quits. I’ve noticed that turning airport off, then back on makes it go again, or changing a system prefs network setting and applying, then putting it back and applying. It’s like os x proxy times out or something. If a file is downloading, I can keep accessing pages while it’s going. Any ideas?

  4. Phil Bridges says:

    I found I had to manually enter the DNS of my phone ( into the mac network settings, now it works every time!

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