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The iPhone credit fairy arrives!

Yes kids, the legends were true! The iPhone Credit Fairy has flown in from her enchanted hill top castle in Cupertino, and sprinkled the Mac faithful with their $100 iPhone credits. That’s right. Those of us who were good all year – drumming up support and hype for the iPhone – have been rewarded with our $100 sales commission. Click here if you haven’t already signed up to get yours (you must have purchased your iPhone before August 22nd to qualify).

As powerful as The iPhone Credit Fairy is, sadly, even she cannot make this offer last forever, so redeem your gift card before November 30th, 2007. As with all magic, there are some catches. You may not use her enchanted gift:

(1) at any iTunes Store in the United States or elsewhere, (2) Apple Store locations outside the United States; (3) at Apple resellers; (4) for cash; (5) to purchase Apple Gift Cards, or,iTunes Store Gift Certificates, to give iTunes Store content as gifts, or to create iTunes Store allowances; or (6) as payments on Apple accounts.

Also, you may not use the credit to buy more wishes, or raise the dead. Still, despite these restrictions, I am personally stoked, as I can think of 3 Apple products I already planned to buy in the next 3 months or so. The fairy’s gift will give me a much appreciated extra bit of holiday spending money. So thank you, iPhone Credit Fairy. I always believed in you.

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