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Will the iPod touch double as a Wi-Fi Phone?

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

Faithful Macenstein reader Michael turned us on to an interesting article over at aplegazette, wondering if the equation iPod touch + iPhone’s Earbuds (with mic) = VOIP phone calls. They point out that since the same Safari web browser is installed in the iPod touch as the iPhone, and since the iPhone can run SkypeforiPhone, this could mean you could make free calls on the iPod touch via Skype.

It’s an interesting idea, but I doubt it. There has been much ado about the iPhone’s recessed headphone jack, which the iPod touch does not have. The plug on the iPhone’s jack is slightly different that the standard iPod earbud jack as well. Odds are there is no support for a microphone “in” in the iPod touch’s headphone jack. Apple came dangerously close to the line of cannibalizing iPhone sales with the iPod touch, and I would bet even if they wanted to, their agreement with AT&T must have included some sort of clause forbidding them from coming out with a Wi-Fi phone in the next couple years.

However, just because Apple can’t, that doesn’t mean someone else couldn’t… We’ve seen how hackable the iPhone’s OS has become, and the iPod touch is running the exact same thing. It’s conceivable that an add-on dock-connected microphone by someone like Belkin could be made to work on the touch with enough perseverance and geeky elbow grease.

3 Responses to “Will the iPod touch double as a Wi-Fi Phone?”
  1. Albert says:

    Unless they secretly put a microphone on the ipod touch, how could it also be a wi-fi phone/voip phone

  2. David says:

    My question: Is it possible to tether iPod Touch to the Verizon phone that I use to get my PowerBook on Verizon’s EVDO network?

  3. John Caruso says:

    This was covered by the VoIP & Gadgets blog last Wednesday: http://blog.tmcnet.com/blog/tom-keating/voip/skype-on-the-apple-ipod-touch.asp

    He explained that VoIP isn’t possible, but IM and presence is possible.

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