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6 degrees of Steve Jobs: Round 4 – Osama Bin Laden

Steve Jobs enjoys a unique position among technology leaders in that he has strong ties to the entertainment industry as well. Because of these ties, we feel it may be possible to link Steve Jobs to almost every famous person in history (except, oddly enough, Kevin Bacon) through a series of past events. To test this theory (and pass the time on slow news days), we have created the 6 Degrees of Steve game.

Let’s play!

Alright, Round 4 is going to be tough ( I hope). Can anyone link the world’s most lovable CEO (that would be Jobs) to the most hated man in the world – Osama Bin Laden?
(Well, most hated in the US, anyway).

Remember, you have to do it in 6 steps or less. Points awarded for creativity and obscurity.

Good luck!

10 Responses to “6 degrees of Steve Jobs: Round 4 – Osama Bin Laden”
  1. Jonathan says:

    There’s a toughy… and this probably in no way counts because most of my linkages are not people…

    !. Steve Jobs is at Apple when they release the Powermac G4…

    2. The G4 is not allowed by the U.S. Govt. to sell in certain countries. (because of it’s being so powerful… http://ccplace.com/macg4user.shtml )

    3. Certain countries that may contain terrorists…

    4. Terrorists have links to a certain Osama Bin Laden…

  2. Rowlings says:

    Jonathan, that was awesome!
    I had milk coming out of my nose, and I haven’t drunk milk in years!

    Here’s mine.

    1) Steve Gave the commencement speech at Stanford in 2006 (or 05?)
    2) Condoleezza Rice gave the Stanford address in 2002
    3) Condoleezza Rice ignored the 2001 brief “Bin Laden to Strike in US”, calling it “historical” info

    4) Bin Laden attacked the US, killing thousands

    (really the link is in 3, but I threw in 4 to help show that 9/11 was 95% Condoleezza’s fault)

  3. Crystal says:

    1) Osama bin laden is the brother of Shakif bin Laden

    2) Shakif bin Laden had a meeting with George Bush Sr. on Sep. 10, 2001

    3) George Bush Sr. met Bill Clinton

    4) Steve Jobs was Clinton’s guest at the White House

  4. terrorist_hater says:

    Ok Rowlings, we don’t need a political spin on your answer.

    Bin Laden still would’ve attacked the US even if it wasn’t on 9/11.

    Its not like if she acted on the brief that they would find him any sooner and prevented anything.

  5. kersmackflat says:

    Ooh, nice try Macenstein! I gotcha here…
    1. Osama Bin Laden is Muslim
    2. Muslims were offended by the Apple 5th Avenue Store because it resembled the Ka’ba in Mecca
    3. Steve Jobs helped design the Apple 5th Avenue Cube

  6. Andy says:

    1. Steve knows Bill Clinton
    2. Bill Clinton decided not to approve an assassination of Osama

  7. MattD says:

    Steve Jobs

    1) Steve Woziak (co-founder – Apple computer)
    2) Kathy Griffin (Dating Steve Wozniak)
    3) Larry King (Kathy appears on Larry King Live)
    4) Peter Bergen (appears on Larry King Live)
    5) Osama bin Laden (interviewed by Peter Bergen)

    5 Steps to Osama. Of course, there is probably someone that Steve knows who directly appeared on Larry King, but this path is much more fun.

  8. nate says:

    1 Steve Jobs
    2 iTunes Music Store (Apple creation)
    3 DRM (Restricts consumers freedom)
    4 Iraq (US tries to bring ‘freedom’ through democracy)
    5 Al Qaeda (Terrorist organization with operations in Iraq)
    6 Osama Bin Laden (Closely affiliated with Al Qaeda)

  9. dario says:

    This is the most difficult so far
    1. Bin Laden became fanatical about the Arsenal F.C in the 1990s when he was staying in London, and he attended the teams progression to the European Cup Winners Cup final
    2. between 2002 and 2006 the mobile company O2 was sponsor of Arsenal F.C
    3. on September 18, 2007, Jobs was in London announcing that O2 will be the exclusive UK carrier for the iPhone

  10. foo says:

    @Andy, Bill Clinton *did* attempt to assassinate bin Laden. Remember the cruise missiles he sent into the Sudan and Afghanistan, and the “baby food” factory that was hit? If Ken Starr had been doing his job instead of being a puppet of the Republican right, Clinton would likely have had the time to seek out bin Laden. GW on the other hand took a nice little vacation during his first 8 months in office… no excuse for him.


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