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6 degrees of Steve Jobs: Round 5 – Ralph Wiggum

Steve Jobs enjoys a unique position among technology leaders in that he has strong ties to the entertainment industry as well. Because of these ties, we feel it may be possible to link Steve Jobs to almost every famous person in history (except, oddly enough, Kevin Bacon) through a series of past events. To test this theory (and pass the time on slow news days), we have created the 6 Degrees of Steve game.

Let’s play!

Alright, Round 5 is our first attempt to link Steve Jobs to a fictional character – none other that The Simpson’sRalph ‘ I Bent my Wookie‘ Wiggum“.

Remember, you have to do it in 6 steps or less. Points awarded for creativity and obscurity.

Good luck!

12 Responses to “6 degrees of Steve Jobs: Round 5 – Ralph Wiggum”
  1. Richard Neal says:

    1: This round was posted the day after Danny Vinik caught the ball that may have led the Sox to win another game.

    2: Vinik is hailed by some as the “anti-Bartman”, referring to a similar infamous incident where the ball was caught by Steve Bartman.

    3: Bart Simpon’s alter-ego on the Simpsons is named Bartman.

    4: Bart Simpson goes to school with Ralph Wiggum.

  2. ? says:

    who the hell is Danny Vinik in relation to Steve Jobs?

  3. modestmac says:

    The simpsons episode Das Bus has Bill Gates ( yes Wiggums was in it too)

    Bill Gates… well I don’t think I need say more.

  4. macguy86 says:

    1. Steve Jobs -ceo of apple
    2. Matt Greoning- Made comic “life in hell” and made an advertisment for apple in 1989
    3. Ralph Wiggum- Matt Greoning creation

  5. R says:

    1. Steve and Woz priced their first computer at $666.66, a version of Satan’s number.
    2. Satan is in charge of the tobacco industry, or so I’ve heard.
    3. Homer created Tomacco, a tomato/tobacco hybrid, unknowingly doing Satan’s bidding.
    4. Tomacco “tastes like [Ralph’s] grandma.”
    5. Ralph’s grandma begat Ralph’s dad.
    6. Ralph sprang from the Chief’s loins to also do Satan’s bidding in Springfield, as we know that Ralph’s mouth has been known to “taste like burning.”

  6. Ferdi says:


    1. Steve Jobs had some issues with the (remaining) Beatles about the Apple logo.
    2. The right of the Beatles music is partly owned by Michael Jackson.
    3. Michael Jackson was co-composer of the Simpsons-song ‘Do The Bartman’ (also, Bart Simpson was in his video Black Or White).
    4. Bart Simpson goes to school with Ralph Wiggum.

  7. annonuem says:

    Only one step:

    Hair, Round face, Jeans, -> Ralpf Wiggum is the son of Steve!

  8. Brett says:

    3 steps

    1. Ralph Wiggum was in the 2005 Simpsons episode “The Italian Bob”. The character Sideshow Bob in that episode was voiced by Kelsey Grammer (star of the TV series “Frasier”)
    2. Bill Gates played himself in the 1993 episode of Frasier titled “The Two Hundredth”
    3. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs – well, we all know how those 2 are related

    p.s. it’s EASY to link Steve Jobs to Kevin Bacon too, also in only 3 steps:

    1. Steve Jobs was in “Nerds 2.01: A Brief History of the Internet” (1998) along with Bill Gates
    2. Bill Gates appeared on The Daily Show with Stephen Colbert on Jan 29/07 
    3. Stephen Colbert appeared on the 2006 Emmy Awards, as did Kevin Bacon

  9. Paul Walker says:

    Easy, –
    1. Steve Jobs & Co. Created the iPhone.
    2. A (terrible) episode of The Simpsons contained an joke about the IPhone (link)
    3. Ralph Wiggum Appears on The Simpsons n most episodes.

  10. Matt says:

    Easy …

    Steve Jobs appeared in a recent issue of the Simpsons comic-book (he fight Bill Gates in a CEO sweat-shop in Mexico where Monty Burns is prisoner too).
    Ralph Wiggum appears in the Simpsons comic-book as well.

    Done in 1.

  11. MattZani says:

    1. Ralph is a simple, noy very bright boy.

    2. Apple’s products are to be used by all people, unlike M$

  12. Peggy Anne Zack says:

    1. Ralph Wiggum is the son of Chief Wiggum of Springfield, a character on The Simpsons.

    2. One of the writers for the show is Richard Appel, husband to Mona Simpson, Steve Jobs’ sister in real life.

    3. Steve Jobs is the founder and CEO of Apple, Inc.

    ‘Nuf said.

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