Bad dog! Bad, bad dog! - Macenstein

Bad dog! Bad, bad dog!

7 Responses to “Bad dog! Bad, bad dog!”
  1. Luke Luck says:

    Still better than a cat.

  2. Question is… Were there any scratches on the surface? 🙂

  3. Jayson says:

    Like this cat?

    I feel sorry for both the phone and the laptop. I can’t stand it when a person touches my MacBook Pro’s display. Never would let a pet scratch at it!

  4. aaaaa is playing with an iPhone… very cute

  5. TheByrdMan says:

    Cat’s rule!

  6. Mount Kelud says:

    I wonder what’s the result. Was it seriously scratched?

  7. blwn02gs says:

    Goes to prove the iPhone is so simple a pet can use it! Long live the iPhone!

    Sorry Microsoft, you loose this time!

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