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Creating a rich man’s “poor man’s” Apple TV

Faithful Macenstein reader Phil writes:

Hi Doc,

I tried finding info on this on Google and all known mac forums, but have not found anything so far. I am wondering whether I can use Dot.Tunes to stream video to my iPod touch (they say I can: and then use the Apple composite cable to connect the touch to my TV, creating a poor man’s Apple TV.

Do you know whether this is possible?

Thank you,


Hey Phil,

Well, first off, I wouldn’t call that a “poor man’s” anything, as the iPod touch costs the same (or more than) the Apple TV, and the new AV cable is $50. But as to your question, if Dot.Tunes says so, we’d tend to believe them. In addition to playing back videos in the iPhone/iPod touch’s “iPod” app, the cable works while playing back YouTube videos and QuickTimes from the web when connected to your set.

As for the case of your streaming scenario, we’re running El Gato’s EyeTV 2.5 with the ability to stream recorded shows to the iPhone from a computer via Wi-Fi, and it too works when connected to a TV set with the new iPhone/iPod Composite cable. EyeTV uses Safari to handle the interface and bring up the QuickTime API, so assuming Dot.Tunes is using something similar, you should be set.

Hope that helps.

P.S. In response to our article, DOT.TUNES was nice enough to extend a 25% off offer to Macenstein readers. Click here for more details.

-The Doc

4 Responses to “Creating a rich man’s “poor man’s” Apple TV”
  1. Fishd says:

    I’ve just added a freeware app called iPhone Remote to my Mac and I can now stream all my music and videos anywhere in the house.

    It doesn’t plug into iTunes but allows you to browse your files and folders and launch them that way.

    So, not perfect yet, but you can’t argue with the price… which is free! Just made me even happier with my iPod Touch.

    Now, to find a native IM client somewhere…

  2. Phil says:

    Hey Doc,

    thank you very much! Of course I was not looking to just get AppleTVs fuctionality at a higher price… lol. I got an iPod touch and LOVE it. So naturally, I was wondering about additional functionalities with high value. I always liked the concept of AppleTV and therefore am now very much looking forward to finding out how my movies will look like on my TV -streamed through the touch. Again thank you!


  3. Ernest says:


    Apollo IM will not be too far away if it has not already, from releasing an iPod Touch version of the same app running on the iPhone

    Check out


  4. Roots says:

    the program works great to stream video clips and movies. most of my vids are mp4s that i have formatted for the iPhone but I can watch them fine over the wifi with Dottunes.

    Really want to get the cable and try this!

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