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OK, let’s try this again… Apple’s Insomnia Film Festival now open for voting!

Apple has uploaded this year’s entries for the Insomnia Film Festival to its site, and opened the floor for voting. If you are not familiar with the Insomnia Festival, faithful Macenstein reader (and Insomnia participant) Ryan Smith sums it up:

“What makes this film festival different from other film festivals is that it takes teams of 5 high school and college students and, while adhering to a set of devices they release on the day, they must write, cast, shoot, edit, score, and upload a 3 minute film in under 24 hours.”

While the challenge was likely nerve racking, the potential rewards are pretty drool-worthy. Each of the 5 members of the winning team receives a boatload of Apple goodness, including a MacBook Pro, Final Cut Studio 2, Logic Studio, and Shake. Not a bad deal for a day’s (and night’s) work.

If you are drowning in free time (85 hours or so), we encourage you to check out all the submissions (over 1700 of them!), as there are some pretty impressive ones, especially considering the challenge and time constraints. Of course, we’re pulling for Ryan’s “Team Raul Santos Pictures” (after all, we do need to support our readers!). You can check out their film The Bench“ here, as well as browse the entire gallery. Voting is open until November 9th.

Good luck to all the entrants, and here’s hoping at least one of them goes on to Hollywood and becomes powerful enough to revive Pauly Shore’s career.

(Sorry for the confusion earlier.)

7 Responses to “OK, let’s try this again… Apple’s Insomnia Film Festival now open for voting!”
  1. Jason says:

    Hey, I’m a faithful reader too. Do you think our team could get a shout-out as well? Our name is SOLMI and our video is called Superhero. Fellow geniuses (Macenstein readers) can vote for us here.

    SOLMI loves Macenstein. In fact, SOLMI loves Macenstein more than Team Raul Santos Pictures loves Macenstein. I have nothing to back that up right now. Watch our show this Monday and we’ll say hello. That should do it. Until then maybe you’ll just take my word for it. Because it’s true (probably. I don’t know anybody on Team Raul. But you can just tell. Am I right?).

    SOLMI loves Macenstein.

    With love,
    Your friends at SOLMI

    P.S. SOLMI wishes Team Raul all the luck in the world. Except we’d still like to win. So we actually wish you all the luck in the world less the amount of luck it will take for us to win. Sorry.

    P.P.S. I’m the same Jason that contacted you via iHeartThe.com and offered to help with the Macenstein redesign. Does that get us any guilt points?

  2. Jason,

    Consider yourselves “shouted out”. We encourage any entrants foolish enough to read our site to post their film’s link in the comments. Hopefully one of you will go on to fame and fortune, and remember us.

    -The Doc

  3. Ryan says:

    Hey, Jason,

    I’m team captain of Team Raul Santos Pictures, and I must say, I just saw your film, and I LOVED it. Great job on it, and best of luck in the voting.

    I can say without any qualms whatsoever: Team RSP ADORES Macenstein, even more now that they’ve featured our film. It is the best site on the internet, Bar None.

  4. Tice says:

    No offence, but “What is this?” A scholar film festival. These films are so boring. I watched four of them and must say I’m sorry for the wasted time. Sorry, but this is really uninteresting (at least to me). Maybe because I didn’t make one of these films … ; )

  5. Jason says:

    Thanks, Ryan. That’s awesome you liked it. Thanks.

    I will concede that you might adore Macenstein. Possibly as much as SOLMI does. I suppose we can share. For now.

    Good luck with the voting too.

    Tice, I’m sorry you think they’re all boring. In defense of myself and the other entrants, it’s not easy trying to come up with (and shoot/edit) a compelling story in less than 24 hours. It’s even harder to tell that story in three minutes or less. So if the writing is a little rough, or the camera is a bit shaky and the lighting is thoughtless, I think it’s okay to cut them some slack here. I imagine if the contest were 36, or 48, hours things might be a little different.

    Either way, that’s cool you checked the films out for yourself. Thanks for at least looking into it.

  6. JS says:

    Hey all, I’m Jason from Team RSP. I must agree with that other guy that a LOT of these films are mindnumbingly pointless. I’ve only seen a few good ones thus far (ours included of course, lol) to be honest. The winners last year were inventive and clever, but its hard to pick out a good one out of thousands of random entrants. Anyway, I’m going to keep watching in hopes of finding something great, in the meantime, I’ll be advertising our film and getting the word out on that. Peace out Macenstein, thanks for your support!

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