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The REAL reason the iPhone gets so much press

Even as an Apple Fanboy, I have moments of incredulous disgust caused by all the press the iPhone has received. While searching for tech stories it seems these days we must wade through 10 (or more) iPhone-related articles for every 1 non-iPhone tech story. Given that only a million or so iPhones have been sold, and the Earth has about 6.7 billion people, this amount of press coverage (and we are almost 4 months into the launch) seems suspiciously disproportionate. I mean, I own an iPhone and find it annoying. I can’t imagine the frustration of the poor folks who have no interest in the iPhone.

But, it’s not like there is some sort of Pro-Apple conspiracy in the media, right?

Well, maybe. Check out this pic I came across on Mollie Sterling’s blog while looking for people who shared my hatred of the Comic Sans font.

Above is an undoctored shot (well, actually I combined the 2 shots from Mollie’s blog) from lecture hall at the The Missouri School of Journalism – no, that’s not a Macworld keynote audience. (Looks like we should book our “Mac Chick” scouts a flight to Missouri post haste!).

So, with apparently 98% of all journalism students using Macs (I think I count 2 PC’s in that pic) is it any wonder that a company with 6 % of the computer market has 95% of the press?

Oh, and check out this pink MacBook. What is that? A Speck case? Nice.

9 Responses to “The REAL reason the iPhone gets so much press”
  1. Jeff Lewis says:

    Oh BOY are those of us who aren’t into Apple (and I OWN a Mac – heck, I used to be a Mac developer) tired of the endless Apple hysteria.

    Macs are great computers, but it may come as a shock to many Apple fans that they don’t work for everyone and that for a lot of people, Windows or Linux really is the better choice.

    As for ease of use, depends on what you do, how you do it and how you work with computers. I found Macs too difficult to make do what I want – and programming them too tedious, so I switched to Windows and I love it here. Windows for its faults – and don’t kid yourself, MacOS and Linux definitely have their own set of faults – works the way I do and lets me do what I want *more easily* than MacOS does.

    Would I tell a Mac user to give up his or her Mac and switch to Windows if they’re happy with the Mac? No! Different people have different needs. But I really wish Mac fans would stop trying to get me to switch to MacOS.

    Been there. Done it. Got the T Shirts (lots of WWDCs :).

    I’m happier where I am now.

  2. rjschwarz says:

    For the longest time beleauged Apple Computer couldn’t get good press to save their life, now they get the lions share. Probably some media guilt in there combined with the fact that few other tech items are sexy right now.

  3. Dave says:

    Nice photo. Likely the pink case is one of the speck see-thru cases.

  4. Snorri says:

    There is also a green MacBook(Pro?) Up in the left corner of the picture to the right.

  5. Sarah kuehn says:

    that is an amazing photo! hillarious i love it =D

  6. Yong Hwee says:

    Steve would be proud.

  7. Ethan says:

    Dr. Macenstein, every person in their right mind hates Comic Sans. Don’t you know that?

  8. Steve says:

    Could be she had it colored over at Colorware:

  9. Rob Schultz says:

    I showed this photo to my anti-Apple co-worker and he threw up a little…that just made me smile even bigger! What a beautiful sight…but it’s sad to see that the glowing Apple logo that once stood out from the crowd has become the “in” thing.

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