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Free on iTunes: Disney’s “Bunnytown”

If you’re anything like me, you are constantly on the lookout for cheap ways to avoid entertain the kiddies so you can get a moment’s peace. Well, iTunes and Disney have teemed up to give us parents a full 24 minutes and 7 seconds of peace by releasing the premiere episode of their new kids show Bunnytown as a free download.

Like most negligent parents, I am going to go ahead and blindly trust the Disney name and not bother to pre-screen it, even for the purposes of this article. Suffice it to say, it seems to involve bunnies (and bunnies who fly kites from this picture) so I’ll go ahead and assume the show is fairly benign. Check it out here.

4 Responses to “Free on iTunes: Disney’s “Bunnytown””
  1. deeps says:

    🙁 Apple have only released it for download in the US store. My account is only authorised for ‘purchases’ in the UK so I can’t get it.

    Can anyone help please?

  2. Deeps, don’t you guys get your own free stuff in the UK?

    -The Doc

  3. deeps says:

    hmmm.. if we do I don’t see it. I was just interested in this for my 3yr old, I made the mistake of showing her the post here (she was sat next to me while I was browsing), and now she won’t shut up about it … sigh.

  4. deeps says:

    humph.. not much 😉

    I was interested in dlding Bunnytown as I made the mistake of showing my 3yr old who was sat next to me whilst I was browsing this site. Now she won’t shut up about it… sigh… kids 😉

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