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Help an iPhone-hacking Canuck

Faithful Macenstein reader Sean writes:

So I am a proud iPhone owner in Canada..yes hacked into the phone through a third party application. But I need some help now.

I had been going through customizing my iPhone for a few months now. I have summerboard and customize from the installer application. Alas today I experienced my first major issue. I recently updated the customize app, and low and behold…when I went to go back into rSBT (which I had done previously several times) it rearranged all my icons. Not only that but I now do not see the “hidden icons” sections, and even worse than that….it now will not let me see the camera or photos in the list to change.

What was formerly rSBT is now called Icon Display Order, and seems to not only have renamed things, Phone now being MobilePhone, but can’t see my Camera or Photos to move them around. To top it off, I can see the icons that were previously in “Hidden”, and no matter where I move them, they do not display.


~Faithful Mac User

Well, sorry Sean, I am afraid I have been good and thoroughly scared away from iPhone hacking (not only did I pay full, launch day prices for my iPhone, but it now has a pretty pricey ColorWare paint job on top of it), so I don’t have any experience using those apps. But perhaps some of our more adventurous readers have suggestions?

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  1. Brethil says:

    You have to modify the N45AP.plist file inside /System/Library/CoreServices/ . You can edit it using Property List Editor (included in the developer tools) or using texedit, but first converting it to plain text (from the terminal on your mac: “plutil -convert xml1 /path/to/file”)
    You have to edit the part under displayOrder.
    Every string represents an application and the order in which it is displayed in springboard.
    If you want to hide them just put them under the special part.
    You can find a list of application identifier here:

  2. Sean says:

    Is there not an easier way…like restoring the phone to its original setting and firmware, and starting from scratch with summerboard and customize….or is this a result of the update itself ?

    I do believe this issue did not occur until after the customize app was installed.

    As you can tell, not too savy with going though the system itself.

  3. Sean says:

    Correction, until after the customize app’s update to v1.17 was installed.

  4. Michael says:

    Exactly the same thing happened to my friend, but on his iPod touch. What I recommend is un-installing Customize. Then find an older version of the app (I have 1.12 and it works perfectly on my touch, I presume it will work perfectly fine on your iPhone too) install that and all should be fine.

    Any questions, top.slacker[splat]gmail[dot]com

  5. Michael says:

    Wow, I think the Customize folks must read this site =P.
    They’ve added an older version of Customize onto Installer for people who were having problems with the newer versions.

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