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“iPhone Firmware 1.1.3 to drop Saturday with voice recording and disk mode”, say the French

Boy, that was fast! Just days after getting their first iPhones, the French have now gotten their first iPhone rumor!

“According to various rumors, it’s next Saturday that should leave the new firmware of the iPhone. This version 1.1.3 provides two major innovations: dictaphone function and the ability to use the telephone as an Apple hard drive.”

Such are the translated words of CNET France . This alleged update would come almost exactly 1 month after the 1.1.2 update of November 8th, and if true, might show signs of a more consistent iPhone update schedule.

“Indeed, the version 1.1.3 of the firmware, due at the end of the week, will mark a turning point since the iPhone will dictaphone and can be used as an external hard drive. ITunes requires, it will be impossible to directly transfer music and videos as with any other player. However, we can transfer documents more easily and content of the telephone network will be accessible. “

Now, every iPhone user has their personal list of “missing features” from the iPhone, and disk mode is certainly one of mine. The recorder feature isn’t all that exciting to me personally, but it should be one of the easier things to add to the iPhone, and will help fill in that annoying black space in the last line of application icons that (non-hacked) iPhones have.

Word of this update first broke last night on the Hackint0sh forum, and there is a rather lengthy discussion on its validity there. Cnet traditionally isn’t too sensational when it comes to rumors (although we’re not sure about their French counterparts), but since functionally, there is nothing inherently suspicious about what’s allegedly being added in this update (in fact, both these features have been rumored since before the iPhone was even officially announced), we’d rate this rumor a 7 out of 10 probability.

6 Responses to ““iPhone Firmware 1.1.3 to drop Saturday with voice recording and disk mode”, say the French”
  1. Ed Pummelon says:

    Does the fact that the copy of this post in my Google Reader feed links to a French Cnet page that no longer exists, mean that Cnet also reported this and then pulled it?


  2. Ed Pummelon says:

    Now I’m confused. The post seems to have changed. Or my brain’s flipped. I think I’ll go now….

  3. menneke says:

    For starters, the link to so-called “words of Cnet France” doesn’t lead anywhere, except a 404 on Macenstein. Secondly, when taken apart and removing the Google translation re-direction, the link doesn’t go to C|Net France at all, but to a Belgian site. Belgium doesn’t even have the iPhone yet (officially).

    What were we saying again?

    (Link )

  4. Jake says:

    I want MMS and copy/paste!

  5. disappointed says:

    Never Trust the French!

  6. Braden Herring says:

    I highly doubt that these will be the only updates for 1.1.3, if they’re even on the update at all. i personally couldn’t care less about disk mode or voice recording. i want copy and paste, more sms recipients, things like that that have been supposed to be on 1.1.3 update.

    the update you’re describing doesn’t exactly fit the description of a “big” update before apple releases the SDK for the iPhone next month.

    I doubt CNet France has any idea what they’re talking about.

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