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Live Segway polo with ‘Woz’ this weekend on the web

We come across a lot of bizarre press release here at Macenstein, and for the most part ignore them, but with a headline like “Live Segway polo with ‘Woz’ this weekend on the web”, well, some press releases are just so geeky, they demand our attention.

Digital Lifestyle will be broadcasting the match between the Oakland and San Jose Segway Polo teams at 1 PM Eastern, this Sunday, December 16th. Woz (who captains the San Jose team) will be providing commentary as well. Ryan Ritchey, producer of The Digital Lifestyle, says the live event will be a broadcast first. We’re guessing this might also be a “broadcast last”, but we’ll see. The Digital Lifestyle uses a laptop computer and a broadband cellular card to upload video to their 24-hour video network, so you know the production quality will rival that of the Super Bowl.

Now, Woz is probably the furthest thing imaginable from our idea of what an athlete should look like, but put him on a Segway, and you’ve got the closest thing to the Sega classic Cyberball that we’ve seen yet.

“Will Segway polo be the next big sport?” wonders the Digital Lifestyle? We can answer that one for you, “No”. Any “sport” that over-weight 50-somethings can play without moving is not likely to catch on anytime soon with middle America. However there IS a large portion of people out there drawn to train wrecks (myself included) and now we have advance warning of when one will occur.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Jeff 2.0 for the tip!

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  1. Rowlings says:

    Wow, they got some balls going up against the NFL. This will be a tough choice.
    Oh wait, no it won’t.

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