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Looney (i)Tunes!

Warner Brothers has released roughly 60 “classic” Looney Tunes episodes on iTunes (the definition of “classic” here seemingly an even split between meaning “good” and “old”, but there are some real gems here to be sure). Each $1.99 iTunes “episode” contains 2 different WB shorts, and runs approximately 15 minutes. Given the amount of TNT most Looney Tunes episodes sported, you’re likely get quite a lot of “bang” for your buck(s).

The episodes are divided into categories by characters, with Bugs, Daffy, and Porky currently being featured. I wish iTunes gave sales figures, as I would love to see how soundly Bugs and Daffy beat Porky. Check them out here.

5 Responses to “Looney (i)Tunes!”
  1. dave says:

    Um, 15 minutes for $2 is basically 1/4 of the ‘bang for your buck’ that you get for regular tv shows…

  2. carlivar says:

    Bugs pwns Porky

  3. lojo says:

    That is two fifteen minutes episodes for your two bucks not one.

  4. not lojo says:

    re: lojo – “That is two fifteen minutes episodes…”

    No, it isn’t. Exactly as the article states “Each $1.99 iTunes ‘episode’ contains 2 different WB shorts, and runs approximately 15 minutes”. That is: each purchase = 15 minutes, and includes 2 shorts. This is easily confirmed by actually checking the items on the iTunes store

  5. Eve Isk says:

    This is precisely the kind of thoughtless pricing that is justifying warez-downloads for so many people, citing iTunes as part of the Evil Empire. Reasonable pricing = reasonable people.

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