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Apple’s new “Santa Claus” ad pays homage to the glory of Rankin/Bass

We’re usually able to reign in our fanboy tendencies enough to not go writing about every new Apple ad that comes out, but their latest one really deserves a special mention. Entitled “Santa Claus“, the new ad pays homage to the kick-ass Rankin/Bass stop motion holiday specials we all grew up on.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Jobs forced convinced Pixar to pump this one out, as it looks a little too slick to be claymation. Still, this commercial represents somewhat of a pinnacle in Apple’s “Get A Mac” ad campaign. It seems Apple now considers the Mac vs. PC duo iconic enough characters that they can be portrayed in a new medium and still be recognized.

[UPDATE: Faithful Macenstein reader L claims Laika Inc did this ad, not Pixar.]

59 Responses to “Apple’s new “Santa Claus” ad pays homage to the glory of Rankin/Bass”
  1. Zane says:

    I think its hilarious that 95% percent of the time, people who say the pc is better have never even tried a mac atleast anything in the mac os X family. While most people who say mac is better are people that used to use PC…

    I think a lot of you pc owners should think about that for a second and maybe that will prevent you from being so ignorant.

  2. alias says:

    god herself

    Who says macs are overpriced? where do you shop, walmart? I bet you wear polyester pants, too. i shop at better stores and my clothes areof natural fibers and much nicer than yours. i appreciate quality in the things i own. Of course, I own a mac powerbook. And its still a great machine after almost 5 years of constant use -& on 24/7

  3. macs are for French People!

  4. arnie says:

    Most mac users are children of yuppies who don’t have to work for what they have. The idiot who said her or his clothes were better shows the point. I came to read the article and instead find whiney little kids. Yuppies suck and use macs and macs are for French people and ohter non-living creatures!

  5. Nikole says:

    Is that really Justin Long’s voice singing in the commercial? (He’s the skinny guy.)

  6. Feldwebel Wolfenstool says:

    ….lame, and as stale as yesterday’s fart…

  7. Feldwebel Wolfenstool says:

    PC people, for the most part, say DICK…It’s the MAC crowd that does all the yappin’….always the same old BS, good luck hopin’ they’ll ever shut up…

  8. Peter says:

    Isn’t a Mac a PC, as in a Personal Computer? These commercials always confused me.

    I can understand the ones between Windows vs. MacOS but it infuriates me to no limit that Apple assumes that PC=Windows and Mac=MacOS.

    Seriously, but the marketing scam is working thus far. My wife has idiot friends who are contemplating buying a Mac because of it’s appeared ease of use. Can’t wait for them to call me for support and I’ll have to tell them sorry, figure it out for yourself on your easy to use OS.

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