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Three uses for a dead PowerMac G3

Much like the resourceful native Americans who learned to use every part of the Buffalo they hunted, faithful Macenstein reader Devin Singley recently managed to re-purpose the innards of his dead G3 PowerMac and put them to good use, creating items such as a liquor cabinet, a Christmas display, and a cat brush. (Well, OK, maybe not good use, but a use nonetheless).

Writes Devin:

“I recently took apart my old PowerMac G3. No better excuse than it seemed like the thing to do at the time. I was then struck with inspiration. One computer has three uses!

New use one – Christmas Decoration. I wonder what my neighbors think. I call this piece “Ghost in the Machine.”

New use two – Liquor Cabinet. Seriously. I took all the computer parts out of the inner aluminum case. Turns out that all my liquor bottles that won’t fit in the cabinet above the sink fit here. Plus, you can lock it!”

New use three – Pet Comb. I use the G3 PowerPC to brush my cat.”

Devin Singley
Beast of Burden Brewing Co.

Hmm.. hiding alcohol inside a Mac… Well, we’d like to think Devin doesn’t have a drinking problem, but then again, his cat is named “Hops“. Thanks for the pics Devin. And send our congratulations to Hops, who has the only 450 MHz hairbrush in existence.

2 Responses to “Three uses for a dead PowerMac G3”
  1. Rowlings says:

    Rat. I have a 300 MHz cat brush. I feel so obsolete!

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