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Apple’s website, circa 1997

Gizmodo recently ran a feature showcasing how lame the internet looked back in the mid 90’s. Naturally our first thought was, “What did Apple’s site look like back then?” Unfortunately, the answer is, “It looked more or less like the Power Macintosh 6500“.

So with that, let us take you back to a simpler time in Apple’s web history… a time when the Macworld Expo was held in Boston, “Leopard” was called “OS 8“, and vertical scrolling was allowed on its home page. Behold circa 1997.

I really wish the links were also archived, as I am dying to know what you would be entered to win by clicking their “Register To Win” link. Everything looks so good! Would it be the EMATE 300? The Newton? Or the The blazingly fast (240MHz) PowerBook 3400, touted as “The Worlds Fastest Notebook“. (Say what you will about Apple’s environmental policies, but there’s no question that Apple’s PR department has been “recycling” that line for over 11 years!).

Incidentally, Apple has also had the World’s Fastest Home Computer for over a decade as well, apparently.

What’s a machine this fast doing at home? The Power Macintosh 6500 runs at blistering speeds of up to 300MHz.

The MacBook air of its day was apparently the “Macintosh PowerBook 2400“.

Ultimate Ultralight PowerBook
The 180MHz Macintosh PowerBook 2400 is the ideal solution for mobile professionals who want speed and connectivity in a super-slim notebook computer.

One thing’s for sure, if Apple ever decides it’s a few iPods short come its next earnings conference call, they simply need to reopen the AppleDesigns online store, where back in 1997 you could “Find t-shirts, jackets, backpacks and other great gear.” These items apparently made “Great gifts for friends and family“, and I would wager Apple could back up the Brinks truck (or maybe two) should they decide to start whoring themselves again. I need me a coffee mug with a MacBook Air on it in the worst way!

11 Responses to “Apple’s website, circa 1997”
  1. Florian says:

    Speaking of home pages, you may like this one too :

  2. Mike says:

    QUOTE: I really wish the links were also archived, as I am dying to know what you would be entered to win by clicking their “Register To Win” link

    The URL for the “Register to Win” link is the same as the URL for the “entering” link in the “Want a PowerBook” article.
    So I guess you could win a PowerBook 3400/200 .

  3. Thanks Mike, Not sure how I missed that!
    -The Doc

  4. richie says:

    Can you imagine Apple giving away anything on their site now?

  5. TA says:

    The Apple-branded goodies, like coffee mugs, pens, shirts, jackets, notebooks, hats, etc. are all still for sale at the Apple Company Store. It’s located at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino 🙂 So get yourself a ticket to San Jose and pop on over! It’s open weekdays only.

  6. Jonro says:

    I have a few Apple watches that I bought at MacWorld Expos that I attended. My favorite is one that has a rotating dial with little icons instead of numbers. Another unusual Apple watch has the dogcow (“Moof!”) on the face.

  7. Anonymous says:

    @ richie
    Apple will never give anything away ever again. they have you convinced you’ve already “won” by paying too much for their stuff.

  8. Way2Poppy says:

    If you want to interact with what Apple (or any other web site for that matter) in 1997, visit the Internet Wayback Machine:*/

  9. Theo says:

    Hey, why you slamming the 6500? I had a 6500 for three years before she gave up the ghost. That subwoofer made the startup chime so cool!!! Wish my Mini could sound like that.

  10. er1c says:

    If you really feel the need for Apple “Designs”, check out They have some vintage stuff… They buy it too.

  11. performa says:

    I was at the Mac Expo in Boston.

    Anyone come across pictures or video from the show.

    That would be mind blowing.


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