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Bob Staake Works In Adobe Photoshop 3.0


That’s right. THREE. Not CS 3, Just 3.

Yes, despite being a Mac-head and reasonably up-to-date with other Mac gear such as iMovie and GarageBand, Bob is an illustrator who works exclusively in his 1995-bought copy of Adobe Photoshop 3, running in Classic. Failing to embrace the latest Adobe has to offer hasn’t held Bob back, however, as his work appears regularly in publications such as The New Yorker, MAD, and TIME, and clients include McDonald’s , Cartoon Network, and Sony, among countless others.

bob staakeWhat’s extra cool about Bob (and the reason we’re writing about him here) is he has created a series of videos showing how his illustrations are made using Photoshop 3, and if you are at all into art (or just curious as to how Photoshop 3 looked), they are worth a look.

bob staakeThese mini-process movies were created using Snapz Pro X for the Mac. As Bob worked on these illustrations, time lapse images taken of his desktop at the rate of one frame per second. Once the illustration was completed, the film was opened in QuickTime Pro and then speeded up approximately 75%. The film was then imported into iMovie ’06 where it was edited. The music you hear was produced by Bob using Garage Band. How’s that for a Mac workflow?

So, what hardware is Bob running? “Mac G5 1.8 GHz, Snapz Pro x 2.1.2 (running trial right now — maybe they’ll give me the full version) ps 3.0 running in classic. I only work in ps 3.0 ” says Bob. “No layers, but a mouse, keyboard and plenty of caffeine.”

Check out all of Bob’s movies here, or check out his amazing portfolio here.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Kelly Croy for the tip!

5 Responses to “Bob Staake Works In Adobe Photoshop 3.0”
  1. *Drools* It almost goes too fast to watch. What I find interesting is he doesn’t need any fancy gradient tools or filters to do his work. And the use of elliptical shapes to craft things like arms – amazing. And fun to watch.

  2. As one of the people who said, “why did I upgrade, again?” Photoshop 4 wasn’t much of an upgrade at all. Frankly, if it could still run (not in classic), I’d be using Photoshop 5.

    And I’m pretty sure he could use one of the new image editing apps (Acorn, Pixelmator), but why mess with workflow?

  3. The Cos says:

    I love time lapse s–t. The funny thing, if he didn’t speed it up all that much, you can see he works pretty damn fast! I think limited tools probably helps him focus on the process.

  4. Bride of Macenstein says:

    I love his work! And it’s great to see how it’s done.
    But imagine what he could do with layers and the new photoshop tools!

  5. Tim says:

    My cursor does crazy things when I use Photoshop 3.0 in Classic. I can’t use Brush Size and Precise. The iconized cursors disappear as I mouse over my image. I use the rulers to get an idea where my brush is then hold down the mouse key. The weirdest thing of all is I see a history of all the touchdown points that my cursor makes when I am working. The lasso tool makes squiggly little loops in my selection path.

    I’ve gone back to using PS 3 in OS 9.2.2 on a Wallstreet instead of in Classic on an iBook.


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