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Help the readers: GMail “To-Do” troubles

Faithful Macenstein reader airfang writes:

Sup, doc! So I have Gmail IMAP set up with Mail, but now whenever I tried to create a To-Do item in Mail, it automatically goes under the category “Gmail” and will be sent to my Gmail server as well. Furthermore it creates a “calendar” under the category “Gmail” in iCal as well, and remains the only choice of calendar for the To-Do item.

I simply want the To-Do item created in Mail to be local. But I have looked the options and searched online, but no one has replied…or maybe no one has ever encountered such problem?

I am counting on you guys! Thanks!


Hey airfang. Well, counting on us was your first mistake. We do not use Gmail, in fact, we may be the last people on Earth who don’t love IMAP. We kick it old school POP here. BUT, hopefully one of our cooler, more knowledgeable users can help you out, or at least confirm you are screwed. What say you, faithful Gmail readers?

2 Responses to “Help the readers: GMail “To-Do” troubles”
  1. jonr says:

    go to: mail, preferences
    then select the composing tab, and a little bit more than halfway down you’ll see ‘Create Notes & To Do’s in:’ from the drop down menu select ‘On My Mac’

    i use gmail with imap and this works for me

  2. airfang says:

    awesome! Thanks jonr! Thanks macenstein!

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