Hit Me On My iPhone - Macenstein

Hit Me On My iPhone

Let’s see the iPod touch narrator kick it this hardcore!

(iPhone users click here to watch the video)

5 Responses to “Hit Me On My iPhone”
  1. Brett says:

    to view embedded YouTube content on your iPhone, try this:


    when you’re on your iPhone viewing a page with embedded YouTube video, you select the described bookmarklet and it opens the video in the YouTube app

  2. Phil says:

    And that’s 5 videos in a row! Don’t worry Dr. Macenstein, we still love you 😉

  3. I know, I know…. YouTube is the lazy man’s blogging crutch. Just got a lot going on at work these days…
    -The Doc

  4. Albert says:

    that was sweet!

  5. Lyse says:

    I’ve got this iphone it is great

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