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Hungry Mac: Redux

Remember a couple days ago we told you about Hungry Mac, a new Mac site which (at the time) was devoted to publishing Apple-related torrent info (and which also stole our logo)? Well, about 4 hours after our post, the site was apparently hacked, and brought down (We didn’t do it, we swear!).

Well, you’ll be happy to know, faithful Macenstein reader kindkief tells us that the site seems to have been relaunched under new management (sans Torrent info), and now appears to be another Apple news blog. The good news is, they’ve also changed their logo. The bad news is, their tagline reads “The Lastest Apple News from Around the Scene.” We’re not sure if that’s intentional or not. We’ll assume they meant “latest”, but I suppose “lastest” would mean the same thing, in a sort of 2nd grade kind of way…
Good luck, Hungry Mac!

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  1. Jason G says:

    Why does their new banner look just like those inspirational success posters? That’s the lastest thing I’d want to link to.

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