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iPhone v1.1.3 firmware already jailbroken… for smart people only

Intomobile is reporting that less than 5 days after the 1.1.3 was released, a work around has already been found that once again allows for iPhone and iPod touch users running the update to once again install 3rd party apps. A video showing a jailbroken iPod touch has been supplied as proof.

This is all around good news for the iPhone/iPod touch hacking community, as well as for developers and customers who may for one reason or another want to circumvent going though Apple’s iTunes distribution method of selling 3rd party apps. The only catch? Well, right now the hacker’s solution is apparently too complex for regular brains to understand, so there’s no version fit for public consumption at the moment. But we’re sure it’s only a matter of time before they are able to dumb it down enough for the rest of us. (Update: according to reports, the developers claim they will not be releasing this hack until the official iPhone SDK is released in late February, for fear Apple will patch it before the SDK is made public.)

iPhone firmware trivia buffs will be excited to know that iPhone Atlas has discovered the 1.1.3 firmware carries the codename “LittleBear”. We’re assuming that’s because the firmware is “too hot”, baby! (oh wait, that was Papa Bear’s porridge, wasn’t it?)
Unfortunately, now that Apple stands to make money from selling apps, we have a bad feeling that when the “Papa Bear” firmware is released, it’s going to lay down some serious hurt on the hacking community.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Will for the tip!

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