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New Apple Torrent Site debuts: Hungry Mac

Fans of Torrent sites, Apple software, and not paying for Apple software rejoice! There is a new site in town, dedicated exclusively to keeping you up-to-date with the latest news and torrent links relating to Apple software. Hungry Mac aims to feed your Mac all sorts of software, obtained through questionable means.

Currently listed software includes Final Cut Studio 2, OMNI FOCUS 1.0 UB, and LIMEWIRE PRO 4.16.1. (I think I may have just found the definition or “geek irony”; using bit torrent to download a free version of a “pay” torrent app).

Above: How dedicated is Hungry Mac about stealing? Take a look at their logo. Look familiar? (No, we are not affiliated with them).

We here at Macenstein certainly do not condone stealing software, but we understand the youth of the world suck, and are going to hell anyway. Might as well test drive some good apps along the way. Check out Hungry Mac here, and may God have mercy on your souls. 🙂

11 Responses to “New Apple Torrent Site debuts: Hungry Mac”
  1. Dan says:

    So, why even give links to a site that’s all about theft, especially from you?

  2. Mr Clicky says:

    Hey Doc, I think your endorsement killed it.

  3. Hey, noticed you hadn’t blogged about the latest MacHeist bundle:
    What are your thoughts?

    – Highway 🙂

  4. xxx says:

    I don’t think the endorsement killed it. There were posts being added as recently as 1 hour ago, then all posts disappeared and a new post appeared from ‘Brokenstones’ saying “DON’T FUCK WITH OUT TORRENTS”. The whole site is gone now and it’s just showing the root dir…

    Kinda sad really!

  5. We don’t endorse the site or torrents, just thought some readers might like to know about it.

    Plus we thought the logo rip off was funny.

    -The Doc

  6. xxx says:

    Forgot to mention… I guess that single post signifies that the site was probably hacked. Perhaps by a group by the name of ‘Brokenstones’ who were pissed off about something.

  7. Kcroy says:

    Can someone explain to me what a torrent site is and how it works?

    Clueless in Ohio

  8. xxx says:

    @Kcroy: this should answer your question about torrents:

    @ALL: My quote above should read “DON’T FUCK WITH OUR TORRENTS”. (Not “OUT”)

  9. Ripdog says:

    Ahaha… it’s changed into a news site now, no sign of torrents anywhere.

  10. corex2 says:

    Yes we got hacked, I guess we should have asked permission berfore we started reviewing there releases. Anyway a lesson to be learned. Kinda sucked though, they changed our admin password for wordpress and our server. Brokenstones were kinda nice enough to give us a second chance and have no problem with us reviewing there torrents now that they have made there point. We will get the site back up later today.

  11. xxx says:

    corex2, that’s great that you’ve got it back. Pity it had to happen that way. I still don’t understand why these scenesters behave this way and get upset when sites publicise their fine work! What’s the point of making it public at all!?

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