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The Prime Directive: “Use no Windows”

Above: (left) JJ Abrams & exec. producer Bryan Burk, (right) Abrams

We all love celebrity Mac sightings, and while he’s not quite as easy on the eyes as Megan Fox and Alyssa Milano, Star Trek director JJ Abrams was recently caught on the set chatting with fans on his Macbook Pro.

In theory we’re fans of the Star Trek franchise, even though only 2 of the last 10 movies have been watchable (I am of course speaking of numbers 2 and 4). So hopefully Abram’s Star Trek 11 will have both whales and things going in people’s ears.


5 Responses to “The Prime Directive: “Use no Windows””
  1. Adam Nelson says:

    Oh please, the “Kirk and Spock Save the Whales” was superior to First Contact? First Contact had a tight script, good acting, and was approachable to fans and non fans alike. I think First Contact was so successful because it took a simplistic Die Hard style approach to action, and frankly it worked.

  2. Robert says:

    JJ Abrams has the curse of the odd numbers going against him though.

    I believe, as do most of my friends, that the best Star Trek movies are the even numbered ones. Star Trek 1 was very odd, 3 was forgettable, 5 was ridiculous (Going to the center of the galaxy to shoot God with a Klingon warship? Oh, no.), Generations wasn’t that great, and Insurrection was unmemorable.

    On the other hand, 2 was exciting, 4 was fun, 6 was great (and my personal favorite), and First Contact is easily the best of the Next Generation movies.

    But, Nemesis lets down the even numbers, so the series is due for a good movie. Here’s hoping that Abrams breaks the streak.

  3. What do you mean only two? Star Trek: First Contact was amazing!

  4. Jonro says:

    Another vote for First Contact. It was an awesome movie.

  5. Albert says:

    First Contact and Undiscovered Country kicked major butt. I mean nothing and nothing compares to Khan, but those two were definitely right up there

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