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Video: The MacBook Air…Why the hell not?

6 Responses to “Video: The MacBook Air…Why the hell not?”
  1. Phil says:

    Excellent! I wonder if you’ve already seen this one, it’s even funnier:

  2. To be fair the MacBook Air is only $3000 if you get the SSD option which I don’t think most people will. I actually agree with the no optical drive. I rarely use my optical drive these days so I don’t really feel I need one all the time, just every now and then.

  3. Jeff says:

    FYI, the music playing in these MacAir commercials is a song called New Soul by Yael Naim. On iTunes, natch.

  4. Savas says:

    It seems to have been taken down…

  5. Savas says:

    Sorry it was my internet, it works now

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