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When iBook’s and masonry drills do battle, everyone loses

Anyone who’s ever been drunk and bored has at one time or another come up with some hypothetical battles to pass the time. For instance, a lion vs a polar bear, Alien vs. Predator, or Snarf vs. Orko. But you’d really have to be hammered to even question who would win in a fight between an iBook and a Masonry Drill.

Oh the slow, eventual, humanity!

(iPhone users click here to watch the video)

Crap! My money was on the iBook.

Well, hopefully the iBook’s dying move in this “Mexican stand-off” (which apparently caused the drill’s power cord to become tangled and fall to the floor) busted the damn thing. Kind of like the end of Reservoir Dogs, but better. A Pyrrhic victory if ever there was.

Thanks to faithful Macenstien reader TheWarpedOne for the tip.

8 Responses to “When iBook’s and masonry drills do battle, everyone loses”
  1. The Cos says:

    So, the obvious question is… which is the bigger tool, the drill of the dude holding it?

  2. Rowlings says:

    Crap, beat me to it!

  3. Copychief says:

    Yeah, but does it boot?

  4. Jonro says:

    I hope he regrets it when he gets back on his meds. What a fool!

  5. Hindsight says:

    That was just dumb. I mean at least shoot it, or put it in a garbage compactor or something cool to watch.

  6. Kody says:

    Oh god.. I’m watching that on my iBook right now.. ;_;

  7. Snorri says:

    He can use it for spying!

    Pretending to be using the laptop but actually watching someone through the hole in the screen.

  8. guy with drill says:

    my drill was not harmed in the making of this video. and all parts still working on this laptop we claimed by the IT department before they gave this shell with a broken screen to us (the screen wasn’t the only thing wrong with it, by the way). furthermore, we understand the detrimental effects of wanton disposal of electronic waste and when we decide to part with this machine, it will be properly recycled.

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