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Where’s the 500 GB external hard drive?

Very cute commercial, and it actually explains Time Machine fairly well in 30 seconds. Although, simply saying “It comes on every Mac” sort of glosses over that you need to buy a $200 external drive in order to actually use Time Machine, but we’ll assume the 40 second “Director’s Cut” does.

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  1. Well, I’d really like to know where the hell you buy your external drives from – 200 Dollars seems the hell of an exaggeration to me!
    I don’t know how things turn out to be in your country, but here in Germany, you can often get 500 Gigs for just little over 100 Euros, which should be about 150 Dollars, reglecting the fact that things seem more affordable in the US than here (thanks to Apple regularly just switching the $ with € sign when pricing their products) ?!

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