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Apple bumps storage on iPhone and iPod touch

Above: looks like the Macbook Air is still Apple’s golden child, at the moment.

Well, you might not know it from looking at Apple’s homepage, but two of Apple’s hottest items, the iPhone and iPod touch, both got upgrades today. Granted, they are simple storage bumps, but as faithful Macenstein reader ubertyrone points out, “you’d think that would be boom worthy”.

Apple has added a 32 GB model to the iPod touch lineup (making an unusual 3 size lneup of 8, 16, and 32 GB). The 32 GB model will cost an extra $100 over the previous top dog, the 16 GB, which did not go down in price. Additionally, Apple brought back the “2 model” system to the iPhone by adding a 16 GB model (for an extra $100).

No word yet on when those of us who bought our iPhones last June will be receiving another $100 credit. 🙂

2 Responses to “Apple bumps storage on iPhone and iPod touch”
  1. Torg says:

    I would have rather seen a bump to battery life on the iPhone. Really the boost in storage seems ok until you figure you can’t really rely on the iPhone as a “iPod”. I tried to listen to music and podcasts on my iphone as was shocked how much battery life gets sucked down. Really no more space is needed on the iphone until the battery life is increased to make the more space worthwhile IMO.


  2. Steven Haskayne says:

    I hope you do not get another discount in the US, you get enough breaks from apple as it is. The now 16gb iphone is £329 which equates to $646 at the current exchange rate. 4 months after purchasing my 8gb iphone will i get a cushty rebate, erm NOPE. This is UK where we pay a large mark up on alot of goods (and don’t bitch about it being due to VAT)

    Also can apple really Justify selling digital media for double the US price? Songs in iTunes cos 99c. They cost 79p here which is $1.55. It adds up when you buy alot.

    I can understand when you have shipping charges overseas, however they all come from China!!!!!!!!! For medium from itunes there should be no excuse to charge more just because we have a strong economy!!

    P.S i still love apple but just hate paying more than our western counterparts.

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