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Buy an iPhone, get, er… MAKE, a free camera

Looking for a camera to compliment that set of iPod Recycling Speakers you built? Scot Hampton has just the thing. Behold the iHole, a pinhole camera created out of his roommate’s iPhone box.

Using nothing more than the iPhone’s packaging, some tape, tinfoil (for the lens), a piece of foam, and a leftover screw and tightener from an old Ikea desk, Scot has created a low tech camera from the world’s most high tech device. While the iPhone’s camera has never been its strongest feature, we’re looking at this as a lateral move in quality, at best.

Ironically, Scot’s camera has the same zoom and flash as the iPhone’s (none), but we bet he can’t do the super cool “pinchy-resize” thing on his!

Above: Two shots taken with the iHole, exposures slightly overlapping.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Jason for the tip!

2 Responses to “Buy an iPhone, get, er… MAKE, a free camera”
  1. Adam says:

    It looks like its higher detail than my iPhone’s. 🙁

  2. Dean Gray says:

    @ adam
    it will always be, film is an analogue format (if a lossy one)

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