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If only the Zune were bigger…

iPod theft may be a fairly serious problem, but 1980’s era Walkmen theft… eh, not so much. This somewhat lopsided lack of interest in Sony’s once “iPod-popular” device is the rationale behind Flickr user sirljohns‘ latest project.

Hollowing out an old Walkman from the 80’s, sirljohns made the perfect disguise for his 60 GB iPod. He even put a fake cassette in the window to complete the illusion. Of course, now sirljohns need only fear being jumped by vintage technology collectors, but for the most part those are easily beat-upable. If only the Zune were bigger, he could have made a case that NO ONE would want to steal.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Jimbo for the tip.
[via Gadget Venue]

5 Responses to “If only the Zune were bigger…”
  1. VeeDub says:

    Thats Awesome!!!! I want one. I just want it because its retro.

  2. Steve W says:

    Won’t the white earbuds give it away?

  3. Andrew GB says:

    Why would anyone need to make a case for a Zune; who would want to steal one?

  4. aussie says:

    i want one!! anyone know where i can get one similar??

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