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Rumor: iPhone firmware 1.1.4 imminent?


[UPDATE: This apparently was a hoax.]

Faithful Macenstein reader max found something interesting on Tiny Code‘s website, namely the first official mention of iPhone firmware 1.1.4:

Tiny Code no longer produces fixes or applications for firmware 1.1.3.
We can’t say much, but we are working with Apple and with their SDK for the next firmware release and SDK applications and we shouldn’t be missed for long. We will no longer update our repo for legality reasons and you should see us soon on iTunes.

But what’s really interesting is they mention on the far left of their site “Now targeting fw 1.1.4 Alpha2“. Looks like the apps made with the new iPhone SDK will require yet another firmware revision to run, obviously giving the jailbreaking folks (who had some trouble with 1.1.3) more homework. One thing we’re a little worried about is we’re not sure that “1.1.4 Alpha 2” sounds like it ready for primetime. With the rumored iPhone SDK kit allegedly being released in a week or two, we’d have thought any new firmware should be beta by now, but what do we know?. Odds are Apple has all 1000 of its code monkeys typing away at keyboards right now, so perhaps the development is progressing more rapidly than we know.

And if those code monkey are taking requests, by any chance, here’s hoping 1.1.4 adds support for the SDK AND copy/paste.

[UPDATE: Faithful Macenstein reader phelim alerts us that Tiny-Code is now down. Not sure what to make of that.]


26 Responses to “Rumor: iPhone firmware 1.1.4 imminent?”
  1. RevFry says:

    What’s the url for tinycode’s site?

  2. Perhaps that’s where Max found it.
    Anyone know much about TinyCode? Ever used their stuff?
    -The Doc

  3. Phelim says: but it’s linked to in the article

  4. Phelim says:

    Yeah, i used a fix that TinyCode made yesterday, that’s why i came across that ‘update’ this morning.

  5. Jonro says:

    Once Apple releases their SDK, won’t that eliminate much of the need for jailbreaking the iPhone?

  6. Phelim says:

    Perhaps, we have to see what the SDK will entail….

  7. Maybe someone will write a Copy/Paste App. witht he SDK. Sell it for $100 on iTunes. Laws of supply and demand and what not…

    -The Doc

  8. Max says:

    I reckon the Jailbreak should be kept going strong, because undoubtedly you will be able to do more with a jailbroken iPhone than just the SDK, you know like Customization, SummerBoard, OpenSSH, and numerous other apps which Apple would be unlikely to pass.

  9. Brian says:

    They can’t charge $100 for it on iTunes because the price points have already been set by Apple at the MacWorld. For apps, the price will be $0 to somewhere around $6.

  10. Phelim says:

    ” the price points have already been set by Apple at the MacWorld. For apps, the price will be $0 to somewhere around $6.”


  11. Greg says:

    How about rotation in mail? Rotate in Safari – works. Rotate in iTunes – works. Rotate in Mail – no work!

  12. cs says:

    @Brian, Guess you never picked up on the fact that those price points were from the rumored memo of the agenda which were totally bogus. Nothing of the sort was discussed at MacWorld about how things will be sold. People are still just assuming right now that it will be done via iTunes (though everyone is pretty sure about that).

  13. Mindfield says:

    @Brian – You’re quoting price structures from the fake “leaked” MacWorld 2008 keynote. They aren’t real and Apple has made no official announcements of application price structures, if there are even to be any.

  14. Phelim says:

    The website in question,, now appears to be down.

  15. Phelim says:

    but never fear…i have screenshots…

  16. Vertical says:

    The best thing about my iPhone is getting to listen to all the rumors surrounding it! It’s alot of fun waiting for these new exciting features to be added to what is already such an amazing phone. I just want to thank all you guys for doing such an amazing job at digging at, hinting at, and discussing these new features that are to be added next.

    The biggest thing I want is MMS messaging, I don’t care who makes it, and even how primative it may look or be. I can’t join in the with all the funny MMS messages that go around at work, and it really throws me out of the fun loop. I have such an amazing phone, but can’t participate with the group. I have to go to stupid ass to see anything they send me, and that service won’t even show you animated gifs, etc. not to mention how big of a pain in the ass it is to put it a random combo of alphanumeric characters to view every message I get. :/

    Anyway thanks guys and keep up the great discussions!!!

  17. Thomas says:

    Only thing they need to add is support for Exchange. Even Nokia telephones support full exchange. No more IMAP….!!!!!

  18. Jake says:

    I think it’s just a fake, why would Apple hire people who jailbroke the iPod Touch?

  19. earaik says:

    why isn’t anyone wanting flashplayer or some faximile on this phone so we can view sites like The MMS function would be nice too.

  20. bug says:

    so fake, just good pr
    never heard of tiny code until now
    would be surprised if apple had either

  21. python says:

    sdk comes out feb 26 along with flash and support exchange.

  22. jonnikuest says:, is an online repository for

  23. Brian says:

    Ok, I thought the price points were talked about in the keynote, I thought I remembered them talked about, but maybe just saw them in the memo that was leaked.. forget…..
    As for the tiny code, they guy that has the site has posted that he made it all up.

  24. Anonymous says:

    what the…

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