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iWash: Good clean fun for your iPhone

After 8 months with my iPhone, I have grown to love the little guy, quirks and all. In fact, the only issue I still have with my iPhone is it is nearly impossible to keep the touch screen looking its best. Apparently the touch screen, combined with my love of cheeseballs, is a recipe for disaster. If only there were a 3-inch tall, bikini clad girl that could appear from time to time and clean my iPhone for me รขโ‚ฌโ€œ then it would truly be perfect. But alas, that is only a beautiful dream.

OR IS IT!?!?

Above: Stevie, Amanda, and Adriana are anxious to clean your iPhone, and no, they don’t do Windows (mobile).

Big Brain Studio’s iWash videos for the iPhone are an ingeniously simple concept. 3 scantily clad women were shot over green screen and keyed (very nicely, I must admit) over a screen grab of the iPhone’s menu screen in such as way as they appear to walk onto your iPhone’s screen, examine how dirty it is, and then soap up and squeegee off the offending smudges. Of course, these are just a videos, no actual housekeeping takes place, but I must say, the illusion is quite a good one, I had a lot of fun with these videos over the holidays.

(Video after the Jump)

Know your audience

The key to having fun with the iWash is knowing your audience. I do not recommend showing these around the office unless you have a reeeallly good relationship with your HR department. There’s nothing here more than PG/PG-13 titillation, but that doesn’t mean it will be everyone’s brand of humor. But if you think you are smart enough to figure out which of your friends will and won’t be offended by these videos, you will find you will get some great reactions. Over the holidays, I tried out the iWash videos on about 20 different friends, family, and coworkers; male and female, with ages ranging between 17 and 69, and all of them thought the videos were funny. The typical male reaction was laughter, and remarks such as “Oh that’s hysterical” and “Well, I guess I need an iPhone” were common. The typical female reaction was “Oh, that’s too funny!” or “That’s so cute!”. Now, of course it is possible (and even likely) that I hang out with freaks, but I pretty much knew everyone I showed them to would get a kick out of these videos.

The Delivery

Each video was edited with a good 3 seconds or so of blank “lead time”, allowing you time to activate the video and hand your iPhone to your friend. My typical delivery was to casually steer the conversation around to the iPhone and how you can hack it to do almost anything. “I even downloaded this cool screen cleaning app” I’d say, handing over my iPhone to an unsuspecting user. Soon the iWash’s bad “Mexican porno” music would start, and a smile would begin to creep across their face as the girl enters frame, bucket and squeegee in hand.


The only issue I have with the iWash videos is a relatively minor one. The iPhone menu screen backdrop used in the videos is a bit blurry and washed out compared to the iPhone’s actual menu screen. This is to be somewhat expected, as this is compressed video, after all. This is lessened by the fact that after the first 3 seconds, no one is looking at the icons anymore. One final minor issue is that since the iWash videos are indeed just videos, the backdrop is somewhat “frozen in time” with the current default layout. However, if you are looking at the background you’ve bought the wrong iPhone accessory. Plus in my experience, you’ll have the most fun showing the iWash videos to non-iPhone users anyway, and they have no idea what the menu screen is supposed to look like.


Are they sexist? Probably. Are they stupid? Maybe. Are they funny as hell? You bet they are. Big Brain Studios claims they will be releasing new videos in the upcoming weeks, including more girls, a janitor, and even some buff iWash Guys for the ladies. Luckily unfortunately we won’t have time to review those, but the current 3 offerings are definitely a hit. If you are into playing stupid jokes on your friends, the iWash videos provide some good “clean” fun.

iWash videos for iPhone

Price: $4.99 each

Pros: Funny, short sexy videos will likely be a hit with most people with a geeky sense of humor, great keying job makes for a convincing illusion

Cons: iPhone menu icons look a bit soft, Showing the videos to the wrong person could be trouble, so use some judgment

8 Responses to “iWash: Good clean fun for your iPhone”
  1. Raptor316 says:

    Ok, NOW it’s worth it to go get an iPhone ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Rosa Fuller says:

    It’s all good, but why would a woman want another woman on her phone when she can look at a man cleaning her window. Every websites I checked has a woman. I want a man on my phone with muscles and looking good I want to see a hunk cleaning my iphone window. If you Have a male figure that can do that I will buy him for my iphone.

  3. I was just at the site and they have male versions. Then I read the article again and I realized that was mentioned. I guess the comment above me was someone not paying attentino and just wanting to complain

  4. anthony says:

    OkI bought and downloaded this thing and it stored in my iTunes on the movies tab and I dragged it under my playlist but whenever I sync my iPhone it doent show up. whats the deal?

  5. rossi says:

    people pay for this sh*t! get out and get a real chick! fail!

  6. antonio says:

    I grew up in New York City back in the bad old days when guys with squeegies would forcibly jump your car at intersections and “clean” your windshield with whatever puddle-water they’d managed to scoop up, until you gave them a buck to stop… I suppose the iPhone iWash could use a version like that.

    Or if you don’t tap the “pay me a buck from iTunes” button after a minute or so, the little guy comes back with a brick and smashes your glass from the inside…


  7. karen says:

    Can we get better looking men please?????????!!!!!!!!

  8. karen says:

    Maybe a very buff black man mmmmmmmmmm…..

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