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KITT 2008 powered by a Mac?

Well, no, but it does seem to have one of the new ultra thin Mac keyboards inside. Faithful Macenstein reader Rick sent in some screen shots from the new Knight Rider TV movie he downloaded legally watched on air this week, which shows that the latest Apple keyboard is apparently thin enough to fit inside a talking Mustang GT500KR’s glove compartment.

Above: KITT can apparently also perform Sonograms.

I missed this Knight Rider remake, but from what I’ve read, that might be a good thing. I think I’ll wait for the “Automan” remake, hopefully featuring a Macbook Air.

Thanks Rick!

5 Responses to “KITT 2008 powered by a Mac?”
  1. Rus says:

    And how ironic that KITT apparently uses Microsoft SYNC technology

  2. Matthew says:

    I did notice the Apple keyboard while I was watching. Read my review of the show on my blog:


  3. Synthmeister says:

    Me, I’m waiting for a remake of “AirBarf,” I mean, ugh, “AirWolf”

  4. adam says:

    Rus: How did you know, that KITT uses SYNC?

  5. Blondin says:

    Yes Kitt is back whith Mac

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