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New MacBooks/Pros on the 19th?

Pretty much every Tuesday since Macworld, the rumor community has wondered if this would be “THE” Tuesday, the one where we’ll finally see new MacBooks and MacBook Pros. Well, while it is a far cry from a smoking gun, there is now at least a little more evidence than usual that next Tuesday might be THE Tuesday.

Switch To A Mac notes that Amazon, long-time Apple partner/ruiner of Apple’s surprises, has a series of new MacBook Pro rebates out this week that are set to expire Monday, February 18th. The rebates offer up to $150 off current models, and while this could simply be Amazon clearing inventory, or just guessing, it seems like a more reasonable straw to grasp at than most, as Amazon has blown a couple “secret” Apple announcements in the past.

10 Responses to “New MacBooks/Pros on the 19th?”
  1. Boogieman says:

    I really hope not seeing as I just purchased a new blackbook about a week ago.

  2. CoryT says:

    I bought a white MacBook a week and a half ago. I wonder if they’ll offer some kind of trade program or something. Otherwise I’ll be pissed.

  3. Peter says:

    Guys, you’ve all got the Santa Rosa chipsets if you bought them that recently.

    I doubt that Apple is going to start putting dedicated video cards into the MacBooks.

    My guess for the MB would be more case and screen revisions, rather than chipsets.

    I’ve got a pre-Santa Rosa, and I’m still stoked that I’ve got such a monster of a computer. 😀

  4. hipachi says:

    And, it is your own fault, the rumoros of new mbp’s have been going around for months.

  5. TheCrow says:

    It is well known that it is not a great period to buy a macbook (pro)!

  6. Coutn Macula says:

    Why would anyone need a new MacBook pro? My PowerMac G4 AL 15″ is 5 years old and still the greatest laptop on the planet.

  7. W3prodigy says:

    Frankly, it’s a personal opinion of whether or not you want the Santa-Rosa chip or the new one. The new one does offer longer battery life, at the risk of a small percentage of performance (about 10%). I’m glad I purchased my Macbook Pro before the new ones, I really don’t care about the new chipset or the multi-touch pad, I use a mouse anyway.

    Really, the rumors helped me deter away from waiting, and with the power in the current MBP’s I’m sure I’ll be satisfied for a few years to go.

  8. I really hope this happens, i Told the Chris Pirillo’s Live Show that it may happen, but not to worry, it only had about 2000 viewers

  9. Johnny says:

    technology is always advancing, when you make a purchase you should do so with the understanding that at any moment something better will come out. If you keep waiting until the next best thing comes out then you’ll always be waiting. Make the decision, make your purchase, live with it, no whining.

  10. Apple store is down this morning…
    -The Doc

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