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Poll: How many charge cycles does your battery have?

My “new” Macbook is my first laptop in about 10 years, so I’m not overly familiar with how long these new-fangled rechargeable jobbers can potentially last. So out of curiosity, I thought I would take a poll of our readership to see how many charge cycles their current Mac Laptop battery is running on. To test this, I am using the excellent (free) iStat Pro widget by iSlayer.

I bought my MacBook on November 3rd, and as you can see, it currently has 76 charges, or roughly 1 charge for every 1.3 days. So, how many charge cycles can I expect?

(For the purposes of this poll, let’s only list cycles for “usable” batteries, meaning those that hold an hour or more of charge time. If your battery currently has 700 charge cycles but only last 5 minutes when unplugged, you really have a portable desktop, NOT a laptop. Put your best guess as to when it could hold a reasonable charge.). Take the poll below and let’s see how many charges the average working Mac laptop has.


53 Responses to “Poll: How many charge cycles does your battery have?”
  1. Blessed Tree says:

    Just in case someone is still interested, my MacBook 5.1 is 30 months old, has 850 cycles, and 94% capacity (Coconut). I do nothing special.

  2. Colin says:

    I have had my 2006 black macbook from new (5 years old now):-

    cycles: 526
    health: 91%

    currently showing 4 and a half hours remaining on 91% charge.

    I love this machine.

  3. VonDode says:

    2007 Black Macbook
    806 cycles @ 88% health
    4:46 Full brightness 5:18 Low brightness

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