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Poll: Who should be Apple’s new enemy?

Following Apple’s latest earnings report, CNN Money‘s David Goldman wrote a post comparing Apple’s Market Cap and quarterly earnings to that of Microsoft. A few months back Apple surpassed Microsoft in Market Cap for the first time, and with Microsoft about to report its own quarterly earnings tomorrow, most analysts are suspecting Apple will actually have surpassed its long time rival in quarterly revenue for the first time as well. But Goldman brings up a very... Read More

iPhone voted a more important invention than the Toilet, Space Travel

According to a poll of 4,000 (presumably crazy) Brits, the iPhone has been ranked as the number 8 invention of ALL TIME, outranking such notable milestones as cars, Email, the toilet, and Push-up bras. Of course one has to call into question ANY list of inventions that not only does NOT place Air Condition as the number one invention of all time, but puts it 11 spots lower than “Hair straighteners”. The iPod also made the list, clocking in at number 56. Here’s... Read More

So, what are the odds that Amazon will sell the iPad?

[poll=11] I was looking around Amazon to see if they were taking pre-orders for Apple’s upcoming iPad yesterday, and I noticed the only search results returned for “iPad” on their site are for 3rd party cases and screen protectors and such. This seemed a little odd to me as Amazon traditionally is right on top of Apple pre-releases, and in fact has actually slipped up and let pre-orders for unannounced Apple gear show up a day or two before previous Mac events,... Read More

Poll: What Should Steve Jobs name his Autobiography?

Well, we’ve gone through all your brilliant submissions for our What Should Steve Jobs name his Autobiography contest, and we’ve narrowed it down to what we feel are the 10 best choices. Now, normally our egos would demand that we pick the winning entry, but for once we’re actually going to pretend we care about what YOU think, and let YOU decide the winning name! So pick your favorite from the list below, and please be sure to make your choice carefully, as... Read More

New study says fewer people thinking of buying an iPad now that they actually know what it is

Retrevo, everyone’s favorite tech polling site, has published a comparison between its customer’s desire to buy an Apple tablet both pre- and post iPad keynote. The results show a marked decrease in interest in the new Apple product, with half of all respondents now saying they have NO desire to buy an iPad, down from 26% before the announcement. I kind of find this poll interesting in that I had the exact OPPOSITE reaction to the iPad unveiling. For years I had... Read More

Scooter users heart their Macs

Faithful Macenstein reader Eric from the Chicago Scooter Club (yes, it exists) ran a poll on their site about their member’s computer preference, and it looks like scooter owners prefer Macs over PCs by a factor of nearly 2 to 1! I’m not sure whether to be proud about that or not, but since scooters and geeks go hand in hand, I think we’ll take this as a win. Mac users made up 60% of the results, versus 31% for PC users, 6% using Linux, and 3% claiming they... Read More

POLL: When will Apple release the “September” iPhone update?

This holiday weekend my new iPhone 3G crashed twice, bringing my two week crash total since purchasing it to 5. I am now running only 2 and a half pages of apps instead of my normal 7, not because I think it will make the phone any more stable, but simply because it takes less time to restore. Unfortunately, this now means I have to decide in advance which games I will want to play on a given day, whether or not I will want to use certain GPS or social networking apps… it’s... Read More

Poll: Is Apple’s logo “girly”

Don’t get me wrong, I love Apple, and I still drink the Apple Kool-Aid three times daily (it helps gives my coat a healthy shine). Yet, for whatever reason, lately I have been looking at the bright white Apple logo peering back at me from the uber powerful 17-inch MacBook Pro my colleague just got, and I think, “Damn, that logo’s looking a little girly…” I know, what choice did Apple really have? If you name your company after a noun, you sort of... Read More

Poll: Is the MacBook Air’s keyboard ugly?

Above: One of these things is not like the others.. but for how long? AppleInsider’s reports of an aluminum upgrade to the MacBook line is welcome news, at least to those of use who feel our white MacBooks are a tad on the girly side. However the one aspect to the rumor that has me a bit worried is that the new MacBooks will adopt the MacBook Air’s keyboard, which I find to be ugly. It reminds me of a PC notebook’s keyboard. I guess I am old-school, but I like... Read More

Poll: How much EDGE data has your iPhone sent/received?

iPhone critics often like to point to the iPhone’s reliance on AT&T’s EDGE network instead of 3G as a reason not to rush out and buy the uber phone. Personally, I’ve been quite pleased with EDGE, in both its speed and coverage. I recently checked out my iPhone’s EDGE data stats and was somewhat surprised to see I had downloaded almost 1GB of data in the 8 or so months I have owned the phone. This seemed like a lot to me, as I use my iPhone more... Read More


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