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Poll: Is Apple’s logo “girly”

Don’t get me wrong, I love Apple, and I still drink the Apple Kool-Aid three times daily (it helps gives my coat a healthy shine). Yet, for whatever reason, lately I have been looking at the bright white Apple logo peering back at me from the uber powerful 17-inch MacBook Pro my colleague just got, and I think, “Damn, that logo’s looking a little girly…”

I know, what choice did Apple really have? If you name your company after a noun, you sort of have to use an icon of that noun as your logo (although it might have been cool to use a banana as the logo, just to be ironic). Maybe it’s all the recent female celebrities I’ve seen brandishing Apple laptops (Jennifer Aniston, Paris Hilton, Heather Graham, Beyonce, Jessica Simpson), although man’s man George Clooney didn’t exactly look Marlboro-tough holding his either. And granted, a boring logo like Dell’s, Sony or Panasonic – just uncreative blocky text – isn’t exactly going to win any awards. But somehow when in a meeting setting, with a MacBook Pro sitting across from some ugly, blocky PC laptop, the Apple logo just looks too “cute”, for lack of a better word. Am I crazy?


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  1. Crap, looks like wp-polls isn’t happy with wordpress 2.5… the width is all screwy…

  2. Ethan says:

    I don’t think it’s girly at all. I don’t think it “screams testosterone” either (though that’s what I voted – closest to my thoughts). It’s sleek and simple, and has one toe over the border of masculine. I personally think it is far too basic to have much of a bias toward anything at all. That, combined with the design of their computers, which mirrors that simplicity, makes them great for use in situations where the computer needs to be non-obtrusive. I’ve seen them used on stage at churches (and in other similar settings) a lot and they are easy to ignore.

  3. Tice says:

    But there are ways to change that like that pink iPod:

  4. Alex says:

    The Apple logo looks (metaphorically) like a cute girl.
    That’s why one could think that it’s girly.. but the truth is:

    1) Guys want to have it.. and show it to everyone. They spend time just looking at it, and love it. Like a girl.

    2) Girls think it’s cute, and if it comes in white (or pink!) it’s even better. It’s like a little girl, or a.. little cat

    hahaha.. isn’t it?

  5. imajoebob says:

    No way. It’s clean, sleek, bold, and timeless. It’s not even metrosexual. The old logo was a bit girlie, in an early 80’s roller disco sort of way. It looked more at home on a pair of wide elastic suspenders than a computer – which likely had an effect on early corporate interest.

    What’s great about this logo is that it’s nothing and everything. Depending on the user and the situation it can be seen as girlie to macho to creative to smart. Or just another brand – albeit the best: http://brandchannel.com/start1.asp?fa_id=415

  6. jem says:

    Its not girly! Though I must admit I have it tattooed on my hip and I’m female…

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