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POLL: When will Apple release the “September” iPhone update?

This holiday weekend my new iPhone 3G crashed twice, bringing my two week crash total since purchasing it to 5. I am now running only 2 and a half pages of apps instead of my normal 7, not because I think it will make the phone any more stable, but simply because it takes less time to restore. Unfortunately, this now means I have to decide in advance which games I will want to play on a given day, whether or not I will want to use certain GPS or social networking apps… it’s not the ideal iPhone experience I had envisioned. So reports that Steve Jobs himself has begun answering frustrated 3G iPhone owners e-mails with the lines “We are working on a software update for September that should fix these problems. Thanks for your patience. – Steve” is very welcome news indeed.

However, Apple hasn’t been its usual punctual self lately. While we realize Apple pretty much HAS to get this iPhone update right, and deadlines may slip in the interest of quality control, if the CEO says the update is coming in September, then it better come in September.

Of course, the problem is, September is a long month. So…. When do you think Apple release the “September” iPhone update?


3 Responses to “POLL: When will Apple release the “September” iPhone update?”
  1. merwin says:

    Hi Doc, I’m hopeful that it will be within the first two weeks of the month. I cringe every time I read how awful your iPhone experience is, so that means I cringe everyday I read your site! I postponed buying my iPhone due to all the horror stories I read, finally got one two weeks ago and fortunately have had zero problems. Here’s hoping that update fixes your problems.

  2. I exchanged my iPhone on Saturday because I had had to do a full restore about four times since purchasing my phone on July 11th. After getting a new phone from the Apple store I proceeded to upgrade the software and restore my applications. Less than 24 hours after my phone was usable I found myself restoring yet again. Over night the battery had died. I plugged it in and, although it started charging, it hung on the Apple boot screen. That makes restore number 6, averaging one complete restore per week since purchasing the phone. I’m definitely hoping the updated comes early September rather than late. Then again, I also hope Apple takes the time to resolve all outstanding issues and make this version stable.

  3. dizzy says:

    I’m leaning towards a late september release because of the refresh of the ipods and/or macbooks. Also, it gives them more time to test and get it right while still sticking to the september deadline

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