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Poll: Who should be Apple’s new enemy?

Following Apple’s latest earnings report, CNN Money‘s David Goldman wrote a post comparing Apple’s Market Cap and quarterly earnings to that of Microsoft. A few months back Apple surpassed Microsoft in Market Cap for the first time, and with Microsoft about to report its own quarterly earnings tomorrow, most analysts are suspecting Apple will actually have surpassed its long time rival in quarterly revenue for the first time as well. But Goldman brings up a very good point when he asks, should Microsoft care?

It’s no longer 1997, and now that Apple makes the majority of its money from consumer electronics versus its software, is Microsoft even Apple’s rival anymore? Sure, its fun to see Apple beat Microsoft given their history, but one could make the argument that the two companies currently do not really compete the way they used to, and newer threats have reared their multi-colored logoed head.

Now, we all know a large part of being a fanboy is not only sharing a common love of a company, but a common hatred of competing companies. So to that end, we’re putting out a poll: Who should we, as Apple fans, focus our outrage, hatred, and biting blog posts on? Who can we burn in virtual effigy?


12 Responses to “Poll: Who should be Apple’s new enemy?”
  1. synne taxxe says:

    its me, i should be their enemy

  2. Andrew Madson says:

    I only use Bing because google is the new enemy! 🙂

  3. Jürg Hölzle says:

    Apple don’t need an enemy – it needs good competitors to challenge it making better products.

    Currently it seems sometimes, that Apple is its own enemy…

  4. Steve Jobs says:

    Apple doesn’t view competitors as enemies. It’s a dumb question. They don’t really think about them.

  5. Brad says:

    I say Sony, it’s a bloated consumer electronics giant that is destroying itself with everything that Apple hates

  6. Andy says:

    Apple! That’s right Apple is their own worst enemy.

  7. Carlo says:

    Google. Because they actually pose a challenge

  8. Darrell says:

    I also say google – they put a direct and shameless challenge to apple at their i/o conference in a very childish, ballmer-like way. It showed their true colors as a software partner.

  9. me_again says:

    So it becomes a simple “us versus them”? No mention that during the past 25 years there was a huge difference in each company’s quality, software quality, performance and stability, interface design, customer service, etc etc.? How sad that in the end it only matters that Apple is “bigger” than Microsoft…
    If we had a smart media, they would be analyzing Apple’s success, why there are so many MacFanatics, why the success of ipods, iphone, ipads… compare macs to windows all these years…

  10. Drew says:

    All of the above are too easy as enemies–They’re either too narrow or they’ve already been dispatched.

    Bloat and Greed are the enemies of Apple.

  11. Drew says:

    … and Complacency.

  12. winteregel says:

    Samsung will be bringing in their “iPhone killer” to Belgium in a few weeks (after the iPhone 4).. I wish them the best *cough*

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