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So, what are the odds that Amazon will sell the iPad?

I was looking around Amazon to see if they were taking pre-orders for Apple’s upcoming iPad yesterday, and I noticed the only search results returned for “iPad” on their site are for 3rd party cases and screen protectors and such. This seemed a little odd to me as Amazon traditionally is right on top of Apple pre-releases, and in fact has actually slipped up and let pre-orders for unannounced Apple gear show up a day or two before previous Mac events, much to Apple’s dismay. However, it looks like the iPad may be the one Apple product that is not going to be welcome on the Amazon store, and I’m guessing we can chalk it up to the Kindle.

In fact, a quick search for eBook readers of ANY sort on Amazon reveals nothing but the same types of 3rd party accessories, such as chargers, cases, and batteries – at least not directly from Amazon. Amazon DOES allow other retailers to sell gear through its webstore, and you can find various eBook readers from a those retailers, however these sellers do not offer the same Amazon Prime shipping and return/warranty deals that Amazon itself traditionally does.

So why is the iPad different from the Apple MacBooks, iPods and iLife bundles that currently dominate Amazon’s sales charts (and help make Amazon a very rich company) ? Simple. Amazon’s first foray into the world of consumer manufacturing is the Kindle, and they are scared the iPad will eat its lunch. Thus far no other Apple product has directly competed with anything Amazon sells (digital downloads notwithstanding) and it looks like Amazon may be defending its product by keeping the iPad off of its virtual shelves, as it appears to be doing with all e-readers.

Ironically odds are the iPad WILL in fact crush the Kindle, and Amazon might have ending up making more money by getting a fraction of the iPad sales commission that actually selling the Kindle itself. But we’ll have to wait a few weeks before we know for sure how Amazon feels about the iPad, so in the meantime, take our poll and pretend you know something.

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  1. kirkgray says:

    A quick check of MacMall and MacConnection shows the same thing — accessories but no iPad pre-ordering. I’m thinking they can’t pre-order and will offer it on the 3rd. Until other online retailers offer it and Amazon doesn’t, I think it’s too early to cry conspiracy.

  2. Brian M says:

    At least initially, the iPad only seems to be available directly from Apple (online or retail store) Although I believe I did read somewhere that after initial launch it would be available through the normal iPod authorized sources.

  3. Actually, they will be carrying the iPad. No idea if it will be available right away on April 3rd or not.

    Amazon already has the page up:

  4. ObamaPacman says:

    I’d say it’ll be available awhile after release. That’s the usual case with Amazon.

  5. darrell says:

    if the kindle app ships for the iPad, then i don’t see why amazon would have a problem with it.

  6. Jonro says:

    I’m hoping it will be possible to also buy books from Amazon for the iPad. Amazon will be better served if they remember they are in the razor blade business, not razors.

  7. Nick says:

    do a search for “ipad” and the 10th and 13th options that come up are the kindle 😉 (on march 21st)

  8. Rob says:

    They should sell it…be a great way to see buying habits of the iPad users. Once they start getting calls for defect that Apple will not admit to it being there…they can plaster it all over the internet….”keep your friends close and your enemies closer” – The Godfather Part II

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