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Poll: How much EDGE data has your iPhone sent/received?

iPhone critics often like to point to the iPhone’s reliance on AT&T’s EDGE network instead of 3G as a reason not to rush out and buy the uber phone. Personally, I’ve been quite pleased with EDGE, in both its speed and coverage. I recently checked out my iPhone’s EDGE data stats and was somewhat surprised to see I had downloaded almost 1GB of data in the 8 or so months I have owned the phone. This seemed like a lot to me, as I use my iPhone more as an iPod than anything else. I rarely use it to check mail, and usually only do a light amount of web surfing each day, most of which occurs while using a WiFi connection. I also noticed during that same period, I had only sent about 80 MB of data, since I have no friends.
Given that so many other iPhone users are likely far more popular than me and probably putting their iPhones through a veritable gauntlet of “unlimited data” abuse, I thought it might be interesting to take a couple quick polls (both sending and receiving) to see how much data they’ve been pushing via their iPhones, and see how my usage stacks up. (You can find this info under “Settings>Usage”).



11 Responses to “Poll: How much EDGE data has your iPhone sent/received?”
  1. John says:

    I know this post is technically about iPhones, but on my LG VX9800 with unlimited data I’ve sent 38.089 MB and recieved 304.033 MB, and I use the internet on my phone quite extensively and very frequently. Maybe it has to do with the fact that the iPhone loads full webpages, while on my LG I usually only load stripped down and mobile versions of websites.

  2. Berzerker says:

    I’ve only been using my iPhone for 2 weeks, have already sent about 35MB, received over 200MB.

  3. Dave-O says:

    Don’t forget Visual Voicemail. I’m guessing most iPhone users will kick my ass on that application alone (that and Twitter).

  4. Brethil says:

    I don’t own an iPhone, I have an iPod Touch and that has no data counter

  5. Pendor says:

    I’ve received 500 MB since I last reflashed by phone – about two weeks ago. Extrapolating that out since I bought the thing right after the Great Price Drop, 5GB it is…

  6. Jonro says:

    Most of the time I’ve been able to access a Wi-Fi network. In a little less than a month, I was surprised to see that I’ve only downloaded 38 MB using EDGE. Once, I had parked my car and while waiting for someone surfed the net on my iPhone. I was surprised by fast page loading speed over EDGE. Then I checked settings and saw that the iPhone had automatically found an open network with a strong signal and was using that. EDGE does a decent job, especially with email.

    While traveling, I’ve been annoyed by airports that charge flyers substantial fees for what is often a few minutes of usage between connecting flights. The iPhone, with its EDGE connection solves that problem nicely.

  7. Church says:

    Bad form design: you’re asking for the numbers in reverse of the order that the phone presents them.

  8. Church says:

    Oh, nevermind. I managed to transpose them all by myself. OK, that should 1+GB recieved and 200+MB. sent, not the other way round.

    It may have been more instructive to divide those by months owned.

  9. Hrryank says:

    I’m lucky enough to have access to my wifi connection at work, and that limits the amount of time I have to use EDGE. It works just fine for email though, and if I’m on EDGE only then I usually just surf g-reader which is pretty light on data.

    What I’d really _really_ like is to be able to quickly turn off images in safari. That’d help browsing immensely.

  10. hugedeal says:

    @ Brethil


  11. Vlad says:

    FYI, the most comfortable way to track amount of data send/received over EDGE/3G/GPRS and/or WIFI using “Download Meter” program for iphone (search for “Download Meter” in AppStore).

    Here is product page with video and textual introduction:

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