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Poll: What Should Steve Jobs name his Autobiography?

Well, we’ve gone through all your brilliant submissions for our What Should Steve Jobs name his Autobiography contest, and we’ve narrowed it down to what we feel are the 10 best choices. Now, normally our egos would demand that we pick the winning entry, but for once we’re actually going to pretend we care about what YOU think, and let YOU decide the winning name! So pick your favorite from the list below, and please be sure to make your choice carefully, as Steve Jobs is legally bound to go with the winning entry. (Poll closes Mach 21st).


17 Responses to “Poll: What Should Steve Jobs name his Autobiography?”
  1. Dawes says:

    What about “iMe”?

  2. Alex Jordan says:

    What about “wooo”

  3. Daniel says:

    Wow, my entry is leading in the poll…. of course that means a lot of others had the same idea. lol

  4. Deckard says:

    Dear Doc

    The option “iKampf” should be remove because I don’t think Steve Jobs want his life to be related to the implication of that name.
    I think It’s not a proper option even to a non politicly correct Macenstein Site/blog.

  5. Better Suggestion: i (lower case I)

  6. Sam says:


    Actually, I think Godwin’s Law dictates that it’s not only proper, but perhaps necessary for any respectable Internet blog of the immensity of Macenstein.

  7. macmonkeymark says:

    How about “Real Steve Jobs”?

  8. Ofek says:

    Think Different

  9. Think Different is the best.

    But would be funny if it was called 1984.

  10. jw says:

    Should be called iWin.

  11. Greg says:

    Jobs Jobs Jobs

  12. xero says:

    i suggested like 10 and not one got picked iBummed

    though now that i think of it
    “How i took a bite out of the apple” would have been a good one

  13. rg says:

    The name already exists: iLife


  14. Myk says:

    “anything you can do iCan do better, iCan do anything better than you”

  15. Matthew "mad102190" Davis says:


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