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iEmulator for iPhone/iPod touch – Finally, the “I Love You” virus can run on the iPhone

Above: that’s right, we’re assuming if Windows DOES ever run on the iPhone, the auto-rotate feature won’t work (actually, we were just too lazy to do a proper Photoshop job).

iEmulator has announced that thanks to Apple’s recently announced iPhone SDK, it will be able to bring a Windows emulator to the iPhone by the 2nd quarter of this year.

“Apple’s new iPhone and iPod Touch software development kit is allowing us to quickly port iEmulator to these innovative devices,” said John Czlonka, General Manager of “It’s an amazing development and operating environment.”

iEmulator currently markets a PC emulator for Mac OS X which runs Windows 98 and 2000, but despite iEmulator’s press release, we’re not sure this is going to be as easy as John thinks.

“Imagine being able to run most popular PC software anywhere, with full Internet connectivity, without having to lug a notebook PC around. It’s a fundamental shift in how people will use mobile devices, and makes thousands of new applications available for the platform.”

Unfortunately, it looks like “imagining” running Windows apps on the iPhone is about all we’ll be able to do for the foreseeable future. While John and his team may very well be able to port iEmulator to the iPhone using the SDK, odds are the demand for a Windows emulator without the ability to run Windows, or any Windows apps will be low. You see, Apple has made it fairly clear that while 3rd party developers can port their apps to the iPhone, they cannot create apps that will “install or launch other executable code by any means, including without limitation through the use of a plug-in architecture, calling other frameworks, other APIs or otherwise.” That means iEmulator’s underlying framework may make the port, but it will most likely be unable to load Windows, which would in turn be unable to load Windows applications, and that means no Solitaire for you.

This also means it may be a while before we can run the “I Love You” virus natively on the iPhone.

16 Responses to “iEmulator for iPhone/iPod touch – Finally, the “I Love You” virus can run on the iPhone”
  1. Killer's Dad says:


  2. Uber Peter says:

    ummm…. Yeah…..

    Doesn’t the tiny little Windows CE, made for handheld devices, even suck ass?

    Why would I want tp put a bigger piece of suck ass on an iPhone?

  3. odin says:

    Anyway to emulate windows 3.1 brick wallpaper tile? Lol

  4. Els Rhijnsburger says:

    Who on Earth would want that????

  5. MacSheikh says:

    Why? To turn the iPhone into Microsoft’s Small-Ass Tableâ„¢??

  6. Dom says:

    why would I want to run a POS on a BAD @$$ phone with a great OS?

    simply stupid!

  7. Sonya says:

    Just another “why?!?” for the record.

  8. JC says:

    This company should kick their on self in the a$$ for dumb stuff like that!

  9. TZ says:

    Um, how would one operate window apps with out a mouse? Would that not be a rather high hurdle to clear, code writing and GUI wise?

  10. morris says:

    Why a such bad OS?

  11. Kwallet says:

    Yes, a that’s not good for a so good Apple’s product
    How is it possible?

    Never understand

  12. crusher says:

    LOLZ no way man that you can be that stupid…
    imagine a decent windows app like the MioMap/iGo navigation running natively on iPhone 🙂

    for me that is a neat possibility 😀

  13. John says:

    A lot of people are hating on this idea, because they’re not Windows uesrs. The idea of being able to run your favorite software from those platforms on an iPhone or iPod touch is very appealing. That’s not a knock on the Apple, rather a compliment that they’ve created a great mobile platform. You’d have access to Office, FireFox a full blown copies of remote desktop, etc. Very appealing for a network admin who supports both Linux and Windows boxes (the RDP app for the iPhone/iPod touch is cool, but it doesn’t work with Windows Server 2008 or Vista though it does work with all previous OS’s).

    Basically, it opens up even more possibilities than jail breaking your iPhone and running Java on it. A very cool prospect if actualized.

  14. Matt Andrzejczuk says:

    this is a great idea and i cant wait for this product to be released.

    and a message to the other tards who said this was a bad idea, yes windows crashes a lot BUT, it will run ANYTHING. for every mac and iphone app combined there are 100,000 apps for windows. this means u can write Word docs etc…

  15. Chris says:

    GE makes the lock-boxes used by most Realtors (that’s the box that hangs off the doorknob of the house, holds a key to the house, and lets the Realtor get in). The new GE system lets Realtors use their smartphone as a wireless key to the lock-box. Unfortunately, only Realtors with a Blackberry or Windows Mobile smartphone can use the system. The software won’t run on a Mac, or an iPhone. Hopefully, with the emulator it should work. There are over 2-million licensed Realtors nationwide. Not to mention that the GE system is also used in Europe.

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