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iPhone makes cameo in new Sex and the City trailer

Faithful Macenstein reader Tony R. alerts us that the iPhone is set to make yet another Hollywood cameo, this time in the theatrical adaptation of the Sex and the City TV show, slated to come out later this year.

“So, i was just watchin the new Sex and the City trailer and low and behold there, in Samantha’s hand was an Iphone. it’s in 2 shots (that i could see) in the trailer.”

It’s kind of sad, really. No, not sad that Tony watched the Sex and the City trailer (although, that is somewhat depressing), but sad that a mere 15 years ago (OK, maybe 20) no one would have even noticed what Kim Catrall was holding.

9 Responses to “iPhone makes cameo in new Sex and the City trailer”
  1. darrell says:

    i never watched the show – but someone told me that whats-her-name writes on a Pismo PowerBook. gotta love the Apple… love…

  2. Tony R. says:

    In the second shot, the Iphone is actually on the corner of the table, and not the cocktail in her hand! 😛

    And as for watchin the trailer, yeah well, i was just tryin to kill some time by seein what was happening in the world of the movies! 🙂

  3. unqtom says:

    on the second shot she is holding the base of her glass!! Geee somebody is oversensitive to that stuff. And what kind of news is that, product placement of Apple was always there – I mean fashion/NY romance drama “Devil wears Prada”, anyone?

  4. What kind of news is that, unqtom ?
    I’ll tell you what kind! SLOW NEWS!

    Damn, where’s Apple’s Tuesday release today…

    -The Doc

  5. odin says:

    So with Rove and Catrall identified, we only need one more entity to complete our iPhone axis of evil!

  6. Xavier says:

    I made the mistake of buying my wife the box set of Sex and the City…let’s just say I know more about this show than any man should.
    Just bought her an iPhone on Friday, so I showed her this post and was promptly informed that we’ll be ‘enjoying’ this movie as soon as it’s out…

  7. Bob says:

    The iphone is becoming so common do we really need to keep seeing these posts? It’ll get to the point where the blackberry is and if we keep this up, it’ll be dozens of postings daily “here it is, and again, and again, and again…”, geez.

  8. Lamplight says:

    Yeah Agreed Bob.

    I mean it used to be a novelty. But now it’s probably easier to just show the tv programs thats don’t use an iphone (less posts). ;p

  9. MediumRare says:


    More shameless Apple plugging there 🙂

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