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QuickTime VR (sort of ) finally comes to the iPhone

I’ve lamented about the iPhone’s lack of QTVR support for some time now, and it looks like at least one other person, Marco Giorgini, also thought the omission was odd. Luckily for the rest of us, while all I could do was bitch and moan, Marco was actually smart enough to fix the problem. Marco’s CubeWorld is an app that brings most of the missing QTVR functionality to the iPhone (and the iPod touch… I gotta keep remembering that thing).

Basically CubeWorld maps spherical panoramas and allows you to to scroll around inside them using the iPhone’s touch controls. So, why is it called CubeWorld if it uses spherical panoramas? Who cares! You can zoom by pinching!
If you are feeling adventurous, Marco has also included instructions and source code to make your own panoramas, so break out your hasselblad, and start stitching!

[Via Just Another iPhone blog]

3 Responses to “QuickTime VR (sort of ) finally comes to the iPhone”
  1. slappy says:

    This is cool. So with SDK this function can be easily available right?

  2. Dennis says:


    So I can make my own Quicktime VR movies, and I have an Ipod Touch and there’s software to put a Quicktime VR on my Ipod.

    Is there a tutorial with which a can achieve this? I can’t even get in the folderstructure of my Ipod, I can only put stuff on my Ipod through Itunes!

    I Hope somebody can help me, Thanx

  3. Steve says:

    How can I put my own QTVR on myy iPod touch

    thank you for your time and responce

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