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This guy has more problems than his num lock key…

Faithful Macenstein reader TheCos came across this Apple discussion support post made by BenjiJosef that must be read to be believed (and even then….)

Hey guys,

I had a slight mishap last night. I urinated onto my MacBook Pro while sleeping Walking after having a few too many. The computer works fine; however, I can not get my num lock to turn off so that I can login. Every other key seems to work fine, except that one. Is there anyway to bypass this? Thanks guys.

Your Sleep Walking Urinator

Unless his bathroom looks like this, BenjiJosef has no excuse.

There are many things I could suggest that might help BenjiJosef, not the least of them being to maybe find a good 12-step program and a more secure location for his MacBook. On the odd chance this is indeed a serious post, probably the easiest thing he could do would be to reset his password using the install disk. But I’m not about to tell him that until he admits he has a problem.

2 Responses to “This guy has more problems than his num lock key…”
  1. darrell says:

    haha! i hope this is real. is there a way to soak your keys with a MacBook Pro? i remember the keys were easily detachable on my 12″ PowerBook. maybe he can erase some of the urine-stigma by having clean keys.

  2. odin says:

    Oddly enough this is not the first, second, or even fifth time I’ve heard of something like this happening.

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