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Break out the loose change, Macheist is back!

Shareware lovers rejoice, Macheist has returned with their $49 Retail bundle. If you picked up the bundle last time, you may notice 3 of the apps are the same (Awaken, Cha-Ching, and Coversutra) but be sure to check out the other nine apps, odds are something there is worth the $49.

The apps this time around are:

    Awaken (iTunes alarm clock app)
    Cha-Ching (persoal finance/budget app)
    CoverSutra (control iTunes without using iTunes)
    DEVONthink Personal (app for managing all your crap)
    iClip (multiple clipboard/scrapbook app)
    Overflow (app launcher)
    Wallet (keychain replacement)
    Writeroom (kind of cool full screen writing app)
    XSlimmer (shrinks space applications take up by deleting unused code/languages)
    Enigmo, Bugdom 2, Nanosaur 2 (games)

I broke down in the 25th hour last time around and picked up the bundle, and am quite pleased. While part of me felt a little guilty for picking up these apps so cheaply, I am assuming/hoping no one is twisting the developers’ arms over at MacHeist. As always, Macheist is a limited time deal, so buy early and often.

(Oh, and if you buy the bundle through this link, an Angel gets its wings. Thanks!)

4 Responses to “Break out the loose change, Macheist is back!”
  1. Ethan says:

    If you bought the previous bundle and participated in the heists/christmas givaway you have half of the apps in MacHeist’s latest bundle. For me, the rest aren’t worth the money. I won’t say it’s a dissapointment, because I wasn’t hanging on the edge of my seat waiting, but there is nothing particularly extraordinary about this bundle.

  2. dbr says:

    “Oh, and if you buy the bundle through this link, an Angel gets its wings”
    …or any of the other links for that matter, they’re all affiliate’y links 😛

  3. Meh; I was underwhelmed as a new Mac user. I already have existing free applications which cover 75% of what’s on here (with QS taking a large chunk) and as for the games; well I have a Wii, 360 and a DS Lite. C-; must try harder I say.

  4. John says:

    Nothing on the macheist list really impressed me. I was hoping there would be something that interested me. Guess I’ll wait until the next one.

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