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Celebrity Mac Chick sighting: Demi Moore

This one brings up some conflicting emotions. On the one hand, we sort of wish we had a time machine, so we could see Demi about 20 years ago. On the other, there was no iPhone 20 years ago… hmmm… a young Demi Moore or an iPhone… A man should not have to make such decisions… Perhaps that is why time travel is left only to the experts.

[photo by INFdaily via The Superficial]

8 Responses to “Celebrity Mac Chick sighting: Demi Moore”
  1. Neil says:

    It might just be me, but I think Demi’s still got it…

  2. Rowlings says:

    Well, she’s definitely got something… not sure it’s “IT”, but something…

  3. Reject says:

    Well, she’s giant glasses is what she’s got. Once you have sunglasses that big, it’s over.

  4. mangochutney says:

    What she doesn’t have is a bra.
    But, yeah those glases are horrible.

  5. I’m waiting for the 3G Demi to come out 😉

  6. matt says:

    the dress is the worst.

    bra or not? – doesn´t really matter, her surgeon did good work on those boobs

  7. Roman says:

    I used to be in love with her when she had about the same age like me, back then when i was 20. She still looks great (for a woman her age). Starting to become some strong Cher competitor.
    If i may choose, i’ll have this month’s Mac Chick and the phone!

  8. Uber Eterpay says:

    I dunno… Just for the sake of arguing, I’d rather see Demi with an iPhone now, if that means that I never have to see Jean Claude do the splits in his whitey tighty’s again!

    There are some things that are just unholy, and incredibly unsound in this world…

    That’s one of them.

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