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Hearsay: The real reason Apple dropped out of NAB

Macenstein‘s resident NAB correspondent, Agent W, has come through with a bit of NAB/Apple gossip that is too good to pass up. It should be noted that I actually know Agent W, and can vouch that he is a well respected industry insider who has been involved in the NAB scene since before I was born, so whether or not this info is accurate, I thoroughly believe HE believes it to be, and I certainly give it more weight than other random tips we receive.

“According to my most reliable sources — a friend of a friend of a guy who knows — the real reason Apple stayed home from the NAB show was a beef with show management; seems the Cupertino crowd wanted the same sort of discounts afforded some of the Japanese video superpowers. After pointing out (with characteristic humility) that lots of folks make the pilgrimage to NAB merely to see Apple, they let the organization challenge them to a game of chicken, and then called their bluff by pulling out. Of course, staying away wasn’t bravado, but a solid business decision; and it will be a similarly solid decision to return next year, once the NAB lays down and surrenders. At least that’s what they say…”

This seems thoroughly plausible, although I think the fact that Apple did not really have any new or exciting updates to its pro video apps to promote made the decision a little easier. Apple has played hardball with other, more Mac-focused conventions in the past (Cough! Macworld! Cough!) so it would not be the first time Apple took its ball and went home when it didn’t like the way the game was being played.

5 Responses to “Hearsay: The real reason Apple dropped out of NAB”
  1. Ian Eisenberg says:

    I think the decision was purely financial given the exorbitant rates that the shows charge. It is telling that Avid is also absent from NAB this year.

  2. AgentW says:

    Interesting that of the two, one was a healthy company; and when they stayed away, they stayed away.
    The other could be found in a variety of ways… just not in the exhibit hall.

  3. odin says:

    Apple just knows who needs who more.

  4. Bjarki Gudjonsson says:

    Nothing new? They finally released Final Cut Server, and that’s straight up NAB’s alley.

  5. Jim says:

    The cost to a company to attend one of these shows (labor, shipping, construction, assembly, insurance, etc.) is absolutely shocking.

    My wife used to work in the trade show industry, and saw the effects of the cruddy economy, and diminishing returns by attending these shows. Pre-internet, they were the best way to get the word out. Now they’re more like a VERY expensive company picnic.

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